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  1. lowlight10

    Rollover Shows???

    I think the whole pre-sale/general sale/pricing fiascos really ruined ticket sales. I imagine they were planning for shows for these cities but Chicago 2 (for example) still has a ton of tickets still available. During i+e we got 5 shows here and there are still huge gaps in the schedule. Terrible.
  2. lowlight10

    New Album with Ticket Purchase

    I got the email yesterday to confirm my mailing address for the CDs. Check your spam folder.
  3. But you dont need a code for any of the Round 1 shows anymore. You can buy Tulsa tickets without a code right now. There are singles available for $41 (plus fees) and pairs for $58 each.
  4. lowlight10

    Chicago Night 2

    Try closing out and re-starting maybe?
  5. lowlight10

    Chicago Night 2

    figured it out.
  6. lowlight10

    Chicago Night 2

    I was able to grab 2 GA right away. Something seems off.
  7. lowlight10

    Success for Boston Night 2

    Same here for Chicago 2 GA. I have a feeling tomorrow will be slim-pickin's again for GA. The scalpers will be all over them with the "mail" option.
  8. lowlight10

    Unused subscriber codes/additional dates

    Same here. Email. I was iNNOCENCE in the first round, so maybe they are taking care of us (everyone or only those who called the number?).
  9. They're still allowing new subscribers and putting them in the Innocence group with those of us who missed out on Week 1. Such a money grab.
  10. Oh, cool! For Chicago I'm only seeing the General Sale (12/4 at 10:00am). Are you seeing pre-sale info for Chicago?
  11. I don't trust it until I see show-specific times. I received an email from U2 saying I would be eligible for the first day of presales, but I'm in the INNOCENCE group, so not sure what they are doing with this next round. Need to know ASAP so I can keep the time open.
  12. lowlight10

    New Presales: Resetup?

    And they're allowing new subscribers too? Shouldn't the fans who got shutout in the first round get first dibs??? "Purchase a 2018 U2.com subscription and become a Verified Subscriber. Verified Subscribers will have exclusive access to presale tickets starting November 28. You must purchase a subscription by November 24 6 AM PST and complete the require setup on the U2.com Account Page to be eligible. Purchasing a subscription does not guarantee access to tickets. Click below to learn more information about the U2.com Verified Subscriber Presale."
  13. What a disaster. I was banking on add-on shows, but now wondering if that will even happen and if those sales will be any better.
  14. lowlight10

    General Sales WITHOUT CODES this morning?

    Thank you. Tattooed on my wrist after we lost him. Saw him for the last time a year ago yesterday (TOTD in Seattle).
  15. lowlight10

    General Sales WITHOUT CODES this morning?

    That's definitely what has happened in Chicago. I'm fine with it if it leads to add-on shows, but it will be the same result if they allow resale of GA.