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  1. Not sure which is standard vs deluxe but the one I D/L has 13 tracks...
  2. I missed out on round 2 GA tickets, but what is always available are the "behind" that stage seats... I don't recall this many during the SoI legs.... perhaps less in the form of lights and screens??? Anyone with any info on the setup this time around???
  3. Keep an eye out for a "New" code. I just got texted a few minutes ago a different citi code from last time... but I did re register for the second round. Didn't want to trust the email about unused codes...
  4. I got 2 GA during the innocent presale (needed 4 total for my kids), got two more GA for my kids during the Citi presale. Both sets were done with the "Mobile" app on an Android. I was only able to get a total of 4 for the Venue (Uniondale, NY). Attempted to get 4 GA using the Citi presale and was told that I reached my max allotment of tickets for the venue, so I went and reselected 2. Both were done within 5 minutes of the open of the pre-sale. No luck with MSG in New York. But will be attempting to get 4 GA in MSG for the 2nd show... Not 100% sure if the limits are 4 per venue or 4 for per Ticketmaster Account... Since I would have presale codes from Citi that I didn't use for MSG.
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