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  1. This SOE is shaping up to be a gem

    Interesting to read on this forum about other peoples first reactions back in the eighties to classic albums like Joshua Tree etc. I can remember the first time I heard "With or Without You" on the radio. I thought they had sold out to a commercial sound. I didnt want to listen to the rest of the album and I didnt go to the concert. Worst decision I ever made and which I still regret. I couldnt have been more wrong. But I had yet to become a real U2 fan back then. And WHEN I truly started listening to the whole Joshua Tree album I did became a U2 fan for life... As mentioned by many others and also by "unforgettableu2" the band U2 has a reputation of always trying to change their sound from album to album. I know that by now, but the PRODUCTION of THE SOUND of this album sounds too soft for my personal taste. I love U2 sounding lean and mean but at the same time keep preaching love. Hard shell but with a heart of gold. Although I still have problems with this soft "boybandproduction" sound maybe I am wrong again and will the songs only come to life after some more weeks of listening.... I am curious HOW U2 will shape the live concerts with these new songs on SOE. Their BBC string version of All I Want is You (Gorgeous!) maybe is an hopeful indication that they will try to make a very intimate concert with acoustic instruments... Bono and the Edge played "Get out of your own way" with just a guitar in the Berlin subway. It sounded great played live although I disliked the cd version of the very same song. That melody of "Get out of your own way" stayed in my mind the last days. And after hearing it live I COULD listen to the lesser cd version and appreciated it better. So there is hope. I am on this forum because I am really big U2 fan. I really want to like this album because U2 has been the soundtrack of my whole adult life... I want them to fare well, I want them to excell. They didnt excell on the cd but they probably will when they perform the songs live. U2 always rocks live, even when they play a ballad. Rock is like Soul to me. You have it or you dont. U2 has always got SOUL and although I think the energy of this soul gets muddled by the boybandproduction sound of this cd I have good hope that the songs will SHINE live...
  2. This SOE is shaping up to be a gem

    I actually was the one who made that quote that the boyband producers on SOE messed up this new album for me. I actually do think onerepublic is a boyband. Boybands can make great songs too. I have seen ryan tedder live on a festival and it is perfect music for crowdsinging. Really lovely songs. But U2 is NOT a boyband in my opinion and should stay far away from such a sound. It's got nothing to do with rock and roll. Keep ryan tedder as far away as possible from u2 in the future. I dont mind acoustic or slow songs. U2 was always very good at that. I just get annoyed about a layer of sound over U2 songs which producers put there to PLEASE. This record sounds too safe, too dull. And I dont even believe all the songs are bad. 5 songs I really like. 8 songs I just cant listen too however hard I have tried. Hopefully some of those 8 "boyband" songs can become alot better when played live. And I have good reasons for this hope of mine, because I have heard Bono sing with the Edge in the Berlin Metro. (Check it out on youtube). He sang one new song ( get out of your own way) which I didnt like on the album but I DID LIKE it when he sang it live there and then in Berlin. Just raw and UNproduced I like that song. WITH production on the SOE cd I cringe... That confirms my believe that it is the production of this album which makes me dislike it. Not the songs themselves. Other example: I heard "The Little Things" performed live many times and I thougt it was a good song. But the boyband production messed it up sonically on the cd. They smeared that boyband softrock sound over this song which killed it for me. I dont want to put Brian Eno and Daniel Lanois on a pedestal because they messed up Zooropa pretty bad. But at least they took a risk with Zooropa. Great risk. Because almost NOTHING on that album sounded like the U2 we knew before. All the other albums produced with Eno and Lanois are among the most popular and most critically acclaimed albums: Fire, Joshua Tree, Achtung Baby, All that You Cant Leave Behind, No Line on the Horizon. The 360 tour which accompanied the No Line album was their biggest tour ever. Even the biggest tour in history of ALL bands. That album was produced by Eno and Lanois. They have magic ears and have the talent to make an album sound as ONE. And they take risks. Sometimes they fail, but at least they try out new stuff. But SOE sounds dull and too safe exept for a few songs. No risks taken on SOE whatsoever. On 8 songs the production of SOE SOUNDS like a boyband. But I still have good hope for the live performance of these "boyband"songs. Because U2 always makes the best performances live. EVERY time....
  3. 'All the promises we made…'

    If you like movies AND U2 than you should see the movie "Contagion" with Matt Damon amongst others. At the end of this intense movie the song "All I Want is You" is played and the effect is chillingly beautiful. Ofcourse even without any movie this song is heavenly on its own. We have Van Dyke Parks to thank for the string arrangements which are admired by the u2 guys at the end of the song when they look and listen in admiration to the beautiful strings. What a great song. I dont think U2 will bring a full string orchestra on tour but this song lends itself so well for an acoustic version, like they did on the ZOO TV tour. Gorgeous song....goosebumps allover
  4. This SOE is shaping up to be a gem

    Dermo, you arent missing anything. Beware of the even bigger disappointment when you actually HEAR the new album. What can one expect from an album with 8 boyband producers, 9 different mixers, recorded in 10 places. Compare that to the Joshua Tree with 2 producers, 1 mixer, recorded in 1 place... Less is more....
  5. This SOE is shaping up to be a gem

    Kinsa I am glad that you really love this cd. U2 fans are really passionate and I love that. U2 can still move me too, otherwise I wouldnt be here. But I get goosebumps when I see them live. Little to none goosebumps on this cd however for me. Listened to it 25 times front to end. 5 good songs. 3 or 4 could be much better performed live. That's 8 out of 13. Not good, not bad. U2 have become like the stones. Nobody expects greatness for a new cd but just as with the Stones once they perform live they always rock and shine like in the good old days. Some of the songs on this cd have already been performed live. And I liked those songs in a live setting. But I cringe when I hear those same songs performed on this cd. Even Ordinary Love on the deluxe cd is screwed up with too much production. That song was great as original. And it was superb when I heard U2 play a live and acoustic version of Ordinary Love in Brazil! Now U2 sounds like Coldplay on their latest cd, just like any other boyband. The songs still can be good, but the sound is so unlike what U2 have ever made before. In a bad way. Give me Daniel Lanois back as producer for the next cd.
  6. This SOE is shaping up to be a gem

    Maybe you should listen to the last coldplay cd, they sound like a boyband too now. And I loved coldplay in the past. But it is the production of the sound that makes this cd sound so horrible. U2 played some of these songs very well live. The producers messed this cd up. Too many different producers. Daniel Lanois produced Fire, Joshua Tree, Achtung Baby, All that you cant leave behind, No Line on the Horizon. I love all those cd's. Songs of Innocence didnt blend well either but I loved the songs in the end and I thought Songs of Innocence was a brave move. Because it had no real pop hits on it. But this new cd should have been called POP. And that I mean in the most negative way. Get Lanois back. Get Larry's drums back. Adam's bass back. Edge's guitar back. I miss them on this overproduced cd. U2 is supposed to be a rock band not a boyband.
  7. This SOE is shaping up to be a gem

    I certainly dont believe this cd is their swan song. But I do believe it is their worst PRODUCED cd since October. Get Lanois back as producer. Or let's just wait till they play these songs live. Live changes everything for U2's songs. Some new songs I thougt were really ok played live. U2 put so much time in thinking about this cd. They rerecorded everything. Sometimes too much fiddling is just too much! U2 sounds like a boyband now, I just cant get used to it, even after 15 times listening. Bono's voice is artificially hightened with a vocoder. That's boyband stuff. Or Coldplay stuff... Why did they do that?
  8. This SOE is shaping up to be a gem

    I have been a fan since the Unforgettable Fire, but the sound of this new U2 cd is the same as an average boyband. Bad production. They even use a vocoder in some songs ! And it's not even in a funny way. U2 has turned Coldplay. (For the kids, you know). I have heard some of the songs on this album played live and they sounded good. But I dislike the production on this cd. I have a theory that every cd without Daniel Lanois as producer just doesnt lift the songs beyond ordinary average pop songs. Once performed live those average produced songs often gain strength. I wish that in the future U2 could produce a NEW cd that is performed live. Live is where U2 really shines. I love them live ! Or bring back the soundmagician called Mr Lanois....