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  1. Thanks U2

    Thanks U2 for almost 35 plus years of great to transcendent music and shows. Last years Joshua Tree 2017 will be the last time I see the band live as I feel its a great way to end it with perfect memories of all that have come before. As a fan since the music reached me in a small desert town in 1982, I will always be at least curious to see what they are up to. I feel the last two albums have shown the music heading in a direction that feels like they are seeking some kind of balance between being relevant and just too clever to ease up and " get out of their own way" and be great. They are trying too hard and It shows, at least for me. They still remain a band for the ages, untouchable live and at least 9 of the 14 records they have put out still ring true for me. Not many bands can have such a great run as them. Thanks guys.