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  1. Paulj101

    U2 Shop - Problems checking out

    Thanks for your help today. I really appreciate it.
  2. Paulj101

    U2 Shop - Problems checking out

    So I phoned the supplied help through and they hung up on me....
  3. Paulj101

    U2 Shop - Problems checking out

    Following on my Saturday efforts with the shop, I've just been informed that Live Nation have shipped 8 copies of NLOTH vinyl to me and taken over £200 from my account, this despite being kicked out of the system and no email confirmation being sent. Unless I get this sorted soon, money is going to be very tight indeed. Waiting on a response from Live Nation. Seriously, someone at U2's management needs to make a call on pulling this account and setting up with a different , much more reliable supplier. REALLY hacked off right now.
  4. Paulj101

    U2 Shop - Problems checking out

    I've also just tried sending a message to customer services and the same thing happens. It appears the U2 webshop has a serious glitch (sort it out live nation).
  5. Is anyone else experiencing problems with the U2 shop? I've been trying for a few days to order NLOTH. I get to the payment screen and it freezes and then defaults to the American Live Nation merch site with a message stating that due to inactivity my session has been cancelled. I've tried several different platforms (iPhone / Mac / windows laptop / windows PC ) to buy the record and the same thing always happens. Is there a glitch with the site? Its becoming a little irritating.
  6. Paulj101

    Brilliant Friday night

    Personally, I thought it was the best I’ve seen them for a while. Loved the set, the production was mind blowing, and it’s hardly a surprise about bono “preaching”.
  7. Paulj101

    Brilliant Friday night

  8. Paulj101

    Brilliant Friday night

    I’ve got a few other shots but they wouldn’t let me post due to the hi res.
  9. Paulj101

    Brilliant Friday night

    Friday was especially great.