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  1. Paulj101

    Brilliant Friday night

    Personally, I thought it was the best I’ve seen them for a while. Loved the set, the production was mind blowing, and it’s hardly a surprise about bono “preaching”.
  2. Paulj101

    Brilliant Friday night

  3. Paulj101

    Brilliant Friday night

    I’ve got a few other shots but they wouldn’t let me post due to the hi res.
  4. Paulj101

    Brilliant Friday night

    Friday was especially great.
  5. So I ran into a few U2 fans in a pub in central Manchester tonight. We’re going to meetup at4pm Friday the bulls head ( which is opposite Piccadilly station) everyone is welcome to join us. I’ll be at the bar. X
  6. Cheers. Bags dropped. Guinness poured.
  7. So, sitting on a train heading to MCR, headphones on, Guinness in hand...out of the blue booking dot com send me an email with “your hotel booking has been cancelled”. BOOM goes the relaxing journey and the excitement for the lads show tomorrow. After much dialling and speaking to people who couldn’t help, we were left sitting on a train to Manchester without a room waiting for us ( despite booking it ten months ago and phoning the hotel last night). So after an hour online we’ve found somewhere but significantly more expensive. Booking dot com. What a bunch of utter bastards. Tomorrow night. Acrobat is for them.
  8. Here we go. On a train leaving newcastle. guinness at the ready. ? @u2 @manchesterarena #u2manchester #u2eitour
  9. Paulj101

    u2 song of the day

    Indian Summer Sky is today’s choice cut