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  1. Me too. Still waiting. It's particularly irksome as there are copies on ebay (already).
  2. I absolutely agree. I know for sure, the majority of subscribers would be heading to Dublin if they had the chance.
  3. I'm in block 116 which is Adam side, lower tier.
  4. Tickets are £35 up to £400. Mine were £101 each. To think I paid £19 for my Zoo TV tickets
  5. I would have much preferred Scotland as I live in Newcastle. The Hydra gigs on the I&E were amazing. I do wish they'd simply announce all dates up front....including Dublin
  6. Me too. Got side of the stage. It's going to be interesting be this close
  7. This SOE is shaping up to be a gem

    I've been a fan since 1984 and I think the last two records have been two of the strongest of the bands entire career. The I&E tour was utterly mind blowing. I saw the Joshua Tree tour in Rome and it showed how much confidence they currently have opening with a salvo of Sunday Bloody Sunday, New Year's Day, and Bad and then straight into Streets. I hope the set for E&I focuses more heavily on post Joshua Tree period - I'd love to hear a few tracks from Zooropa and Pop, as well as Acrobat (the eternal wish), and Love is Blindness. Book of your Heart, Ordinary Love, and practically anything from SOE with the exception of 'Love is bigger than anything in its way'. I'd bet a fair amount they'll open with 'Love is all we have left' and 'The Blackout'....