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  1. I was refreshing the page half an hour before 10AM, as soon as it started only 220€+ were available. Thankfully I got the 35€ tickets with the presale, but was hoping I'd get better ones this time
  2. Well, I asked here because of your personal experience regarding the seats you had for the I&E tour, but you're right, no need to offtopic.
  3. Wait, I got the £35 tickets for Milan, do I need to be worried? The seat location was very central so I thought "why not". It is on the B13 sector. https://www.eventtravel.com/upload/images/Seating Plans/Forum-Milan-Floor-Standing.jpg
  4. Thanks!!! Hopefully I'll get GA for days 11 and 12
  5. Hi perymason! I'll join the presale tomorrow, may I ask you how you got the link? The u2.com/tour site doesn't show any link to me. Also, do you remember if the pickup was available on the concert day? Thanks in advance!! Edit: The links just popped on u2.com/tour, half an hour after the presale started! Is this bc I'm outside Europe?
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