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    Unused code & Dublin

    Had you already used a code to buy tickets for NA shows? If yes then you had already used your allocation. 1 subscriber = 1 opportunity to buy 2 tickets for 1 show only per entire tour (Irrespective of whether in Europe or North America). The only way this would ever have been different is if someone used a code that hadn’t been used for Joshua Tree tour and then resubbed to get a new opportunity for this tour. It’s not fair if people are using additional codes, irrespective of whether it was appearing in the account page. I know it’s not very helpful from to post codes on account pages, or send emails to those fans who have already used their allocation, but pleading ignorance that it was sent so it must be ok really does entirely ignore the FAQ, ignores all of the messages in emails and on the Forum and is frankly completely unfair to other fans who have held on to their one presale code to use it for dates that have been added on. I sincerely hope that audit use of codes thoroughly. If the code you’ve used today is the only one you’ve used full stop then I sincerely apologise.
  2. Oh for heavens sake give the Mods a break! He said, she said, this said this, this said that.... it’s a stressful time, it’s emotive, we all want tickets, we don’t want ‘new’ subscribers to get first dibs, we don’t want O2 or Citi members to get first/more etc etc.... but it is what it is. I renew my subscription in a timely manner for lots of reasons but mainly for the opportunity to have a go at getting tickets at the earliest possible opportunity within the fan club guidelines. It’s arenas this time, 2 tickets...I knew the chances of me getting them were slimmer than usual as demand far outstrips supply but I was prepared. I’d read the FAQ’s several times, I knew what I was letting myself in for and had set up a Denmark Ticketmaster account ahead of time. I was relieved to get tickets to Copenhagen, my code appeared within the (sleepless) night before the presale (as it has done every single other time). No dramas, just shaking hands as I input my card details, praying it wouldn’t crash. If I hadn’t got tickets I would have tried for another venue/seat and if it wasn’t to be, I would have been frustrated and upset and accepted my fate either way. It’s different if you didn’t get the code in time for no valid reason, I too would feel let down but so many times question after question is raised at the mods that was listed in the FAQ or things are having holes picked in them. I am sure all this feedback does get taken forward. We are here because we want to see U2, it matters hugely to us, it’s our life sometimes, it takes over but I am positive that no-one is deliberately trying to mislead us or rip us off.