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  1. Yes but is it working or just playing demos. I get the same screen and it will not let me login. This is an improvement over last week when I got no screen at all.
  2. The U2 player still doesn't work. Not it wil show the records but will not let me log in!
  3. Ok - I admit that I made an error. I was wrong about the 14 day cool off period because u2.com isn't technically hosted in Europe. If they were hosted in Europe they would have to give my subscription back for no specific reason. I asked for my money back. I apologise to U2.com and Live Nation for that error. However, my other points stand. I will try to refrain from posting here again on this topic at least to give more time until it's resolved. I am not an 'internet troll'. Just a very unhappy customer
  4. I'm not aiming by criticisms at the community moderators or Zoortopia members. I have a serious issue with the complete lack of response from U2.com /Live nation corporate. I get the sense they don't give a hoot as long as they get their money. It's not acceptable to pay for a service which then doesn't work (U2 player). It's not acceptable to sign members up for the 2019 pack based on certain gifts and to then change suddenly to better or new types of gifts days later. It's not acceptable to fail to respond to web form submissions (first one 8 days ago). It's not acceptable to wait on hold for 20 minutes on their tel line with no response.
  5. They say my 'gift' is already shipped. No body answering phone today in US - Thanksgiving I suppose! Really unhappy with the crappy resposne times and complete lack of assistance.
  6. Does anyone know why U2 left it so late to sort out this 2019 gift?? I'm left with the crappy vinyls that were on offer last week and I can't change. Also, I have had no satisfactory responses as to why the U2 online player does not work. Contacted customer service multiple times. Additionally, I asked for a refund of my subscription due to all this crap and poor service. Again no response - even though I am entitled to a full refund for online purchases within 14 days under EU law. Really disappointed that U2 would associate with such a poor online platform and service.
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