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  1. 8 hours ago, Violatorius said:

    Before the start of pre-sale I have checked some other events at Altice Arena on sale at www.blueticket.pt and I was under impression that one can choose electronic ticket option pretty much for any event - except U2 shows, where the only choice (or rather, absence of it) was to have printed tickets mailed to your physical address by EMS courier service. Did you guys experience the same? Or did I do something wrong? (I wasn't registered on the site, just bought tickets and left).

    At the moment I was too happy to get my seats at all to actively mind that, but in the hindsight, it's pretty old fashioned, inefficient and inconvenient way of selling tickets. Postage fee to EU is rather steep at 45EUR - come to think of it, it's more expensive than some cheaper seats... And I'm pretty sure it will now take months to have my tickets delivered...

    didn´t do anything wrong,works for everyone like that!waiting for mine too,after the 12th fev.they start to send the tickets.

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