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  1. RockNrollDoggy269

    After All the Presale build up...

    Thanks Heather. Can’t wait for it now. The money is a drop in the ocean compared to what I’ve spent over my 30 year obsession with U2 ?
  2. RockNrollDoggy269

    Manchester 20th Presale

    Glad you got what you wanted mate. I never used my code in the end but have got tickets for the 19th now so happy days.
  3. RockNrollDoggy269

    legalised touting

    I totally agree mate. It needs stopping. I wish we could do something about it. It was the same trying to get Foo Fighters tickets. Not a hope in hell.
  4. RockNrollDoggy269

    After All the Presale build up...

    Oh and just to add, Ticketmaster we’re selling the same block tickets for double the price I paid. Know it’s been said everywhere but this has to stop
  5. Was at work last night worrying about the upcoming presale when I thought I’d have a browse on Eventim. They were selling tickets at face value for MEN 19th October albeit the £206 seats. Thought I’d never pay this much for tickets but there I was, punching in my card details . The seats are up in the gods but think it’s gonna be a great view of screens and show. The 20th October show would have been a struggle anyway due to work so bonuses were: I got to go to bed after a nightshift and didn’t stay up for the presale Still got a code in case anymore dates added Explaining to the missus why I’d just spent £400 on tickets didn’t go down well but by the power of persuasion I’m now out of the doghouse and she’s looking forward to going. Hope everyone else got what they wanted
  6. RockNrollDoggy269

    Manchester 20th Presale

    Thanks carlhancox, great info. Much appreciated.
  7. RockNrollDoggy269

    Manchester 20th Presale

    Thanks but I realize that. Today when I went from the tour page, just to see where it would take me, I was redirected to different sites on 2 occasions. First was and the second time was Eventim. I just thought this was a little strange after everyone seems to mention Ticketmaster. All the sites advise creating an account/billing details beforehand to increase your chances of getting a ticket which is why I asked the question.
  8. RockNrollDoggy269

    Manchester 20th Presale

    Can anyone confirm if the presale is on or Ticketmaster for the above date. Just want to make sure I’ve got an account set up ready for tomorrow. Many thanks.
  9. RockNrollDoggy269

    Presale on Ticketmaster

    Many thanks, first time I’ve done this.
  10. RockNrollDoggy269

    Presale on Ticketmaster

    Has anyone noticed that the next lot of pre sale tickets are only listed in the VIP section of TM? Does this mean we have to buy a VIP ticket with our pre sale codes?
  11. RockNrollDoggy269

    Ticket Prices Manchester

    Just seen the thread by dondo. All is clear
  12. Hi There, Ive re-subscribed to and got my presale code for the new dates. I failed to get tickets on TM for Manchester on the 19th in the public sale. My question is what are the face value ticket prices? The cheapest I was getting offered were £200 for upper tier seating! Surely these are TM's over inflated Platinum prices. Ideally I would like standing tickets.