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    Galashiels, Scotland
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    Achtung Baby ...Great Music, Great Artwork
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    I like Them All
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    Vertigo Tour 25th June 2005 ...Dublin
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    360 Glasgow 18th Aug 2009
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    Garbage,Simple Minds ,The Strangler's,

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  1. Fuzzyduck

    New Members Introduction Thread

    Thanks for The Warning Manohlive
  2. Fuzzyduck

    New Members Introduction Thread

    Hi I'm Fuzzyduck ,I've been a U2 Fan Since 1981 (there abouts) The Pre Propaganda Era. To be Honest l Prefer That Time ,maybe I'm just an Old Timer , I live in The South of Scotland , I'm A Shy Dude so Don't expect to much from Me Hello Anyways
  3. Fuzzyduck

    Scotland forgotten again

    I Remember on The Elevation Tour They Missed out Scotland ,until it was pointed out to them by a DJ freind a reporter from the Daily Record , That they hadn't included Scotland ....days later day were added Sure wish they would add dates to Scotland . Scotland is a wonderful place maybe they dont like haggis Not everyone can travel long distances due to illnesses /disability's