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  1. My case is the same as hers. I don't know What to do
  2. The Fly!! How lucky you are!!! Please, bring back Acthung Baby! What's about an Anniversary Tour??? #ZooTVreborn
  3. Ingenpat, U2.com sended me an email telling what my gift was... Visit your profile! In my case, I can see that for me it is the U2 3D vinyl...
  4. Great, John!!! I'm still waiting... Hope mine to arrive soon. According to your advices, I'll be patient!
  5. Hi! My problem is similar to John Slimin's one. I received an e-mail on 29th September telling me my U2 3D vinyl had been shipped. However, even today (9th October), I'm unable to see the process using the UPS tracking... It's said there's no deliver to Spain with that reference number!! Could somebody help me?
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