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  1. Oh yeah! Now it works! I´m sorry! Just haven`t seen it! The last time I hadn`t that problem Thank you very much! You´re great!
  2. so before entering the code and before the payment
  3. after choosing the ticket on the ticketmaster-website
  4. I still try to get a GA-ticket for the second show in Auckland. But it always says: "Something went wrong...An error occurred and we could not reserve your tickets. " Has anyone an idea?
  5. Great! Thank you both very much! I`m sure, you are absolutely right! One more question: I wonder if I should do both nights in GA. I have the feeling, that the best place on this tour is right at the "Tree-stage". In all other places (including the seats), you don`t have such a free and centre sight to the screen like you have at the "Tree-stage". Am I right? I hope, that it is early enough, if I am at the stadium at 12:00
  6. Could anyone give me an advice? Is it worthwile to visit two concerts of this tour on two consecutive days? Or does it feel like a dejavu? I`ve seen the JT Tour 2017 in Berlin and now I want to fulfill my lifelong dream to see U2 in Auckland. I`ve got a GA-ticket for the concert on November, 8th and I will come the long way from Germany, to see U2 and travel New Zealand for two weeks. Now I wonder, if I should buy a ticket for November, 9th, too. So I`m faced with the choice to leave Auckland for my trip on November, 9th or to stay one night longer and to attend the second concert, too...
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