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  1. clemmie_mandarin

    Fake U2 Social Media Accounts

    Same here! I wonder if it's because they don't each have a separate, official Instagram account, but just the one U2 account. When reporting I had to submit the official account that the paul_david_hewson_u2 account was impersonating and potentially Instagram doesn't see it as a violation because there is no official Bono account? Anyway, we tried, and they might reconsider when enough people report him. Can't believe he showed you a fake ID by the way....
  2. clemmie_mandarin

    Fake U2 Social Media Accounts

    Do you mean to say that Bono, Edge and Adam didn't actually message me on Insta to thank me for my nice words and support? That's so sad... or actually, more than sad, it's heartbreaking! 😉 I was approached by three fake accounts but all they had to offer were nice words! Happy to let you know who they were in a personal message if you'd like, but don't think they have any harm in them.