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  1. No worries and thanks! I'm sure it will all be fine in the end!
  2. Same here. I feel like that time when my luggage was the last to enter the luggage belt 🙄 @Max Tsukino, would it be possible to post a message when the final emails have been sent out (if you know), just so we know whether to worry/ take action or not? Thanks!
  3. I'm also still waiting and I'm in The Netherlands...
  4. Thanks @Max Tsukino - I'll be patient! I'm sure it will get to us soon!
  5. Thanks @CorkVegan and @Jo Van de Vreken! I'm calm again 😉
  6. Just to check; has everyone received their confirmation email that their gifts have been shipped or not yet? I have not and am starting to get worried...
  7. Ah ok, I thought you were still looking for another solution to make it work. I'm sure you have tried all you could so thanks for that. Still a bit disappointed; I really had faith that it was going to be resolved.
  8. Max, do you still expect an update or not really? I was hoping I still had a chance to buy tickets today, but it's getting late in Singapore...
  9. I can confirm that it's really not working. Somehow thought it would be all be ok, but unfortunately not. Am a bit disappointed; hope something can be done still today!
  10. Yes or potentially issue new codes for the fans that are affected (should be most of the members buying tickets for the first sgp show in the red hill and wires group)? Thanks Mods for trying in any case!
  11. Would love to know if Singapore will be confirmed before pre-sales start. I prefer going there, but prefer going anywhere instead of nowhere, if you know what I mean. Just wonder what's holding up Singapore and if it will be solved soon. And also wondering if pre-sales work the same for Singapore once it is announced. Anyway, any clarity around that would be much appreciated! This is so exciting and I'm having such trouble concentrating on work...
  12. Same here! I wonder if it's because they don't each have a separate, official Instagram account, but just the one U2 account. When reporting I had to submit the official account that the paul_david_hewson_u2 account was impersonating and potentially Instagram doesn't see it as a violation because there is no official Bono account? Anyway, we tried, and they might reconsider when enough people report him. Can't believe he showed you a fake ID by the way....
  13. Do you mean to say that Bono, Edge and Adam didn't actually message me on Insta to thank me for my nice words and support? That's so sad... or actually, more than sad, it's heartbreaking! 😉 I was approached by three fake accounts but all they had to offer were nice words! Happy to let you know who they were in a personal message if you'd like, but don't think they have any harm in them.
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