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  1. Denn


    Yes in our hearts we know, even the most corrupted mind has a spark of conciousness which like lightning flashes the understanding of its conduct, right and wrong. To be kind and patience to who so ever comes your way, despite good or bad. I have been quit judgemental thinking i could proof being right and that would be enough untill i was led to a point where being right does not give you right.. I agree with you totaly with you that we have messed up and not the devine. We have followed those we have chosen and through the century's the mess piled up, some stood up and changed it for better but its hard to swimm up stream all the time. There will be a movement who says no un the last days. We are in verry tumultuos times even scary but with a great revolution often comes a great solution. I believe we will be brought back to the most nobel of all our quality's :true love, a spiritual love.. I believe in the return of Christ and one of His biggest lessons was to even pray for and love your enemy. So if we stop seeing others as enemy's the task is much more easy. The problem is that not the common man, the so called secret society's and rulers with plans that will send chills up your back are in power and i fear greatly that what is written in the bible will be forfilled. never the less, like bono wrote: Love is bigger then anything in its way. -thanks for a great reply- (not to make this final, so much more to speak about)
  2. Denn


    faith might also be in who or what you know, believe it will remain the same or getting better is the faith i practice. You wrote religion is what you do, i've been pondering about it for a while and i could relate to it. Religion has also a bad side taste, as in organised believe such as in church and its dogmas. Im not a Christian in the sense as belonging to a certain church or movement, i just believe as Him being the son of God who came to bring us out of the slavery of sin and the chains of the darkness. In this case i can relate to the Christian conciousness, the highest and most noble spirit to reach for us humans here. Awareness is like an pencel that needs to be sharpend every now and then. The three steps you've mentiont are an issue which return on a base untill you master them i presume.
  3. Denn


    The evil in this world is as real as the darkness it spreads. Im trying to remain the aim on the light of Christ. Soon enough we all have to choose, not half or a bit of both, we all belong to the light, our home where we all once went out from. The strugle remains, for some it does not exsist. For me its more real then the daylight. Even google has changed, the algoritms keep me further from what actualy try to find, to much advertising and half baked answers. Tools a usefull but i rahter trust on the directions by the Spirit of Christ. I do hope dearly that the one's i care about and also those i dont know choose the side of the truth the life and the way. A bit of strugle every day keeps you sharp and more willing to decern all that is tost to you.
  4. Denn


    well, the rabithole always goes deeper then one thinks. I try to look at it from all angels, you most be willing to take time and read beteen the lines. It's a shame to drag people through the mud just because the suspect something, not knowing for sure. A lot of the rich and famous are targeted just for someone else his suspicien. I had to learn how to decern as well, in the time of fake news its even more hard. One thing i know for sure: 'truth will prevail' and for my own believes, its better to have a clear concious and a desire to be true to your fellow man as yourself. One day we will have to answer to the Lord for all we have said and done. In this mentaly ill world its hard enough to stay kind to everyone at all times. Thats one of the things i'de admire about Christ. Wishing i could be like that all through my life. For better or worse: Stay true to yourself and your fellow man is my motto
  5. Denn


    First of all, thnx for your honest and full reply on a matter i didnt want to stir up in such manner but since it's what is quiet relevant it might be good to be clear about some topics. When you are as famous as these guys are, everything you say or do gets magnified and twisted. The most who criticizing others are in a position to conceal their own dirt. like you said, looking at specks. its like they are using whatever they can twist for their own agenda. but being number one at ratings is something every artist come's accros when theu lance a new album and with this you expose yourself to all kinds of rediclious opions, i think its a shame but this is someting you get with the package of fame. Oncs you got the name of being a dodgy figure in their eye's they will hunt you forever, i think this is the case when you follow a trail of opions wich feed eachother and have the same conclusion. Which is, not in my eyes but in as you said, i've read to much into hyped media story's. I took a story and followed it, it lead me to old intervieuws and at the end the som is something completely different then the intent. I just asked a question, didnt get much reply other a well explained one of yours, There should be more interaction, its always better to talk and inform then to be scilent and sigh..
  6. Denn


    How to see or understand:X change.. Always stay the same.. Like: Be yourself but improve..?! This is what i got out of your reply. Im all for improving your better side, rebirth of the better half into one better person. cant say good, only God is good
  7. Denn


    The problem is that the most of the media translate's this as being a sign of the so called illuminati or the 'eye of providence, the eye of horus or anyway somthing sinister.. Maybe its just hyped up and bono seems to pose with almost anything covering one eye 😂 Anything Christian seems long gone and in times like these its a pitty cause they have started out as an Christian orientated band if im correct. These days call out loud for a return to true Christian value's and not the dogma's of the churches Church never meant to ne institutians but the gatherings of seeking souls of brothers and sisters who knew Christ was announced in the old testament. But im getting of topic here🙏
  8. Matthew 24:37-39 King James Version (KJV) 37 But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. 38 For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noe entered into the ark, 39 And knew not until the flood came, and took them all away; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. see the world as it is now, the flood will be the fire set alight by the free masons, where is the love for the truth of Christ?
  9. Denn


    Hello all music lovers!! I've been following U2 for a few years so now and then. They have surely made more then once made and 180 and 360 journey in their music and show material. One thing I don't get, the constant returning of the one covert eye by the lead singer Bono.... May looks incense and even if so, the suggestion of being part of the control by the illuminati keeps getting to mind. I really thought they where Christians as I have read in other topics, in the world as it is now, being true and clear what your standing for is really important as they have a lot of influence on their fans.. So... Could anyone help me getting a more clear picture on this matter. Would be much appreciated. Greetings and kindness Denn
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