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  1. I think its the same situation for singapore 2 as well... the 1st show sold out in an hour but second - the stadium is half empty and you can even sleep at GA I guess...
  2. you two are not alone my dears one of my U2 friends whom I knew for a long time who had a usable code, bought a ticket for me as well so its gonna be us and the band
  3. The U2 world is so silent today. Makes me wonder if all tickets sold out today or no one has bought tickets and waiting for the public sale?
  4. The singa tour has been dramatic from the start.. first the tickets were accidently sold, then when we were told its unlikely a 2nd show will happen, came untrue, so expect a miracle few hours before the presale starts tommorrow a notice saying.. "Due to overwhelming response, the presales code can be used again for the 2nd show" :p
  5. I've got another question though... heard that the venue doesn't allow queuing up overnight.. my arrival dates to singapore depends on this factor, in case there is queuing up allowed, im all game... but if they don't allow queuing up, and they only allow queuing up like 2 hours before the show, then to queue up 2 hours before, how do people queue up to queue up? :S I mean say 10000 people ready to queue up sharp at the time they are allowed to queue up, and how do they queue up at once without queuing up at the queue before? There will be human stampede to queue up itself before the show... am i correct?
  6. Ahhh... I will have to buy from the General sale then.... its sad, cuz i only bought 1 ticket for myself from the earlier pre-sale.
  7. hmmm yeah... im wondering whether to wait for the general sale or buy another membership and get into the presale.... has anyone who was trying for GA missed, buying GA in the general sales this time? also im thinking whether to get GA once again for the 2nd show after a long day of standing on the first day
  8. so which means we can buy the tix for the remaining quantity, from tomorrow's presale as well with the existing subscription, correct?
  9. Of course not only yours there are many other asian U2 groups... for this tour for each city there were groups created for fan meetups for those who are attending that relevant city. Eg: for sydney, brisbane, auckland there were seperate groups created by fans for meetup purposes, which is why i created that singapore group with the help of more people. Not to outrank other groups or anything, please dont get the wrong impression
  10. yes, people from thailand, phili, indonesia, india all are targetting singapore cuz singapore is via-less entry for south east asians.. and less expensive than Japan.. as far as I know there are only 2 sri lankans attending the show apart from myself.
  11. I know.. but for sure 95% of americans and europians would have bought from pre-sales... not many asians would bother to go for pre-sales, even though I DID and a very few asians who are die hard fans would have done however, in the general sale im pretty sure 100% of them would be asians who will be purchasing..
  12. Ok newest update on Singa ticket presale.. GA sold out and very few tickets available on SEATs as of 2 hours back... if all sells out tomorrow that mean we have a chance for a 2nd show right? do they really keep few tickets for general sale?
  13. I think u2.com needs a good analyst and a good software developer.. This is a most fundamental thing in IT that, when a subscription is created, a unique code should be auto generated by the system and displayed in the page. I myself come across writing a lot of scenarios like this professionally as an analyst on a daily basis, and this cannot be an issue that should be neglected. This is basics. imagine the frustration of those who are waiting for the code. hoping it will come before the presale ends. thats sad :/
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