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  1. The ticketing system here for the sports hub has a bad reputation in Singapore with several screw ups with previous gigs. Im not surprised that we have the issue with the 1 time code and being unable to select GA and RZ tickets. What I am surprised about is the fact it worked at all on Tuesday and many of us did manage to get some tickets compared to previous gigs like Coldplay etc.
  2. Thats correct I only purchased 2 RZ tickets and would like to purchase 2 GA.
  3. Tried calling and they said because code has been used they can't help. I explained that the website didn't allow RZ + other sections and was advised that its due to a different delivery method. They said I have to wait until the main sale on Thursday
  4. Kept pressing F5 browser refresh and managed to get 2 RZ. Now need to figure out how to add 2 more GA (will try you suggestion). Many thanks for being here to help out
  5. Trying to get 2 RZ and 2 GA - seems to let you chose only 1 section
  6. how far in advance did it open today? Keeping my fingers crossed for tomorrow.
  7. On https://www.u2.com/tour the wires icon has changed to Red Hill so there are now two Red Hill links
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