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  1. On the Red Zone ticket it says 14th Dec and 15th Dec , 11am-8pm... so I guess 2 days available for pickup..
  2. Yes, I was in the Wires group. It was very easy and straightforward.
  3. I havent as yet received the email for buying pre-sales tickets for Mumbai show that U2.com paid subscribers are supposed to get. The pre-sales are supposed to start in less than 2 days now. Can someone please let me know? Thanks.
  4. Very Excited.. I will wait for the presales next week.. This will be my 2nd U2 concert (1st one was Elevation Tour 2001 ..attended in San Jose, CA). Great memories of that day; had a chance to meet Bono and get an autograph before the concert started..and it was a great concert.. would love to meet the band at the Mumbai concert...U2.com please make it happen !! Good to see U2.com turn into what it is now, a full-blown portal.. I was one of the very first users of U2.com when the website's beta version was launched many many years ago... U2 (in the 80s, 90s and early 2000s) has been a very important part of my life... Cannot wait for Dec.15th...
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