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  1. Wondering if anyone has had this experience with Brisbane tickets. Bought mine in July at $198, cheapest available and couldn't get seats together so had to buy separate seats for my sister and I as ticketek stated no seats available together ( searched for an hour) and all other (cheaper) allocations exhausted. And sitting right up the back of the stadium. I just did a search recently (last two weeks) and now you can buy $66 tickets, closer to the stage and yep, seated together! Im feeling very duped into buying those tickets and now realised I could have taken my whole family and sat together in decent seats. Contacted ticketek, still waiting for follow up. Totally duped by ticketek here and I am trying to get answers on this one because it clearly isn't right whats going on here. $$$$$! Has definitely dulled my anticipation for this concert now. Feedback would be greatly appreciated on this
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