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Found 233 results

  1. Hi there, post your 10 favourite U2 songs. You do not have to justify your choices, and no trolling either! 01. Discotheque 02. The Fly 03. Numb 04. Even Better Than The Real Thing 05. Mofo 06. Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me 07. One 08. Mysterious Ways 09. Staring At The Sun 10. Last Night On Earth Probably no real surprises to most regulars on this forum, I prefer the 1990's U2, and don't care too much for the 2000's onwards. But that's my preference anyway. Discotheque got first place as it was the first U2 song that I ever heard, and *POP* was the first U2 album I ever listened too. Post yours below!
  2. Good morning all, I am new to this and just subscribed, how/when do you get pre-sale tickets? Thanks, Mike
  3. We need this forum (thread)...So here it is !!! "SOE is ready to go, but I'm not sure when it's going to go," says Adam Clayton Credit : Atu2Dot com and Fernanda Bottini ...
  4. HI there I'm looking to buy 1 x ticket for any of the Amsterdam shows. Ideally a GA ticket. If you know of someone who is selling or if you have a spare ticket then please get in touch. Thank you
  5. So saw this in another forum and thought I'd ask it here. I'm a rookie when it comes to shows been a u2 forever but only have seen them live 3 times and in may will be my fourth. So here goes First time May 24 2011 SLC 360 tour 2-May 30 2015 LA ie 3-May 31 2015 LA ie And my fourth will be this may 20 at the rose bowl!
  6. Hi dear u2 fans, Can't wait to see you all again!!!!In order to prepare our day in Paris "stade de France" I 'd like to do a little survey to know the time you guys will come to start queing for the show? Also i am looking for someone to change tickets gate with me. We are gate H and Z would be so great if we can exchange our tickets to be all 4 in gate H or Z.. Thanks a lot and see you soon. Do you know if early presales tickets are all in same gate?
  7. From the album U2 Tattoos

    My favorite tattoo in my body.
  8. Anyone giving away there tickets for concert in Dublin?! I know it's s long shot!
  9. Hi there. Anyone interested in swapping two GA tickets for the 8th July? We have tickets for the 9th. Thanks
  10. From the album Dublin 3 & 4 #U2ieTour

  11. To commemorate the fact that I finally got to see the boys in concert after a 30yr musical journey (and JT being the first U2 album I owned as an 8yr old), I present to you my Yucca Plant JT tattoo.
  12. At first i see on faqs that in brazil we can buy 4 tickets on multiple purchases. Now appears only one purchase. Its not correct change the rules after pre-sales begin. I try buy 2 tickets on 21 october and my pre sale code was not valid because i buy 2 tickets on 19. If open sales for another brazil show I have the right to use my pre sale code. Please respect the rights of thousand of fans
  13. Hello my U2 friends... I bought (4) great seats through the fan club in section 135, row 3 for U2 at Metlife stadium on 6/28. My wife and I are using (2) of the tickets and thought friends were going to go with us, but now alas...We have (2) extra. Also these are the (4) seats just off the aisle, so although my wife called "shotgun" on the 2 aisle seats (she's newly pregnant ), you'd have the next 2 over. Obviously just want face value for the tickets which is $315 each (all in price with all fees) so $630 total. Happy to show you whatever makes you comfortable that the tickets are legit. In fact you will be sitting with us so really just looking for 2 nice/cool people who love U2 as much as we do. Anyway if you are serious/interested please PM as I'm looking to get rid of the tickets as soon as possible so I don't have to think about it. They are the credit card entry so looking for payment before, and if you're in the NYC area happy to meet you in person if you'd like. On the day of the show since we have to go in together would love to meet up in advance so we're all relaxed going in to the show. Basically I would love these tickets to go to two great fans like us so we can all have a great time. Look forward to hearing from you, Matt P.S. If you write I would appreciate if you didn't tell me ANYTHING about the show. I love seeing my concerts "blind" as I love the surprise of not knowing what's coming next. To me it's like if you knew the end of Shawshank before you saw it, it would change your experience of it. I love experiencing everything "the first time" if you know what I mean. Thanks.
  14. I'm sure it's been asked 3 million times but what time do the band hit the stage? Opening act? Thanks in advance!
  15. I am looking for 2 ga tickets for the st Louis show. I have a 16 yr old that is a huge fan and by the time we went to get tickets all the ga was gone. However you can buy them in StubHub for almost twice the price😤 If anyone has any to sale at face value please let me know. Thanks!
  16. Dear All, TIckets for fun is the worst company in brazil to manage this kind of sales. I bought only 2 tickets for the u2 show on the 19th and trying to buy more, says that my code is invalid. Thousand of people is having the same problem and has no support because t4fun doesn´t have call support on the weekends.
  17. My friend is due like July 12 but a huge u2 fan I got her tix to this... But she can't stand or be too close to speakers. Can she bring a chair and do you guys think she'd be okay as far as speakers go? Apparently they can affect the baby. Any input hugely appreciated
  18. From the album U2 in Moscow 2010

    It was unforgettable!
  19. Hi All-- I'm looking to swap (2) GA Metlife 1 tickets for (2) GA Metlife 2. Wednesday for Thursday. Thanks!
  20. Just wanted to post - having experienced the chicago chaos the first go around, indy actually worked, totally painless (wires presale) and got GA easily and within 5 minutes thanks for fixing the issues / glitch!
  21. hello from St. Louis - if anyone's planning to travel here for the show, it is on a Saturday night, let me know if I can be of any help with questions on where to stay, eat, visit, etc.. Good news is the Cardinals are not in town that weekend and, of course, no NFL football anymore.
  22. as the title... looking for one/two GA for London 8th i can change (only CHANGE, NOT SELL) Dublin GA or Rome 15 GA PM please dreamoutloud!!! fabio
  23. From the album Beautiful Day!

    It FINALLY happened!!! He's my idol!! I am very lucky and will forever cherish this. :)
  24. What do you think about this? Yes or no? October 2017? Next year?