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Found 3 results

  1. Songs of Experience Redemption Code Issues

    I would think someone in the band or management would be checking these forums around the time of the new release to see if anyone is having problems. If so they could do something about it. Has anyone had any luck with help getting a download of the new album or anything while waiting for their delayed pre-order? If so, please share. I just want to hear the new album, now! I am stubborn, and I will not pay for it again. I already own three copies which aren't delivered yet.
  2. Songs of Experience Redemption Code Issues

    Comment below to petition for a download code for the new album if you pre-ordered but haven't yet received it. What's the point of a pre-order if we have to wait, while others can go pick it up or download it instantly? Songs of Experience? How about demonstrating some customer service "experience?" Island Records provided downloads for some who bought Joshua Tree 30th anniversary re-issue who didn't receive their codes. We should be offered something similar at the least. I'm chomping at the bit here...
  3. New album delays & Apple

    Hey everyone..... starting to think the new album, aka SOE, is actually being delayed because Apple is not ready yet with the secret "new" music platform or distribution method that was talked about back in Sept. 2014 at the release of SOI. Remember both the band & Apple talking how they were working on this new method of music distribution so that people would want to start paying again for music? How U2 & Apple were working on "changing the game", that it was going to be irresistable because of all the xtra interaction you would get w the music &/or the band? To me it is clear now that the release of the new album is heavily linked to this new platform-distribution method, this despite Adam saying recently "we've been humming and hawing on whether it's finished or not"... it's been finished for months, Apple is just not ready, and we know Apple will not release anything w the Apple name on it until EVERYTHING has been vetted-out. And lastly, the payment U2 received from Apple at the release of SOI, rumoured to be 100 million $ (and probably very close to that amount), was not just for that 1 release. Do we all think that Apple would give U2 $100,000,000.00 just for that 1 time release (at that point in their career) & it not being for future promo + release + distribution etc etc?? I think not Thoughts??