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Found 1 result

  1. dmway

    U2 dreams

    I looked for a dedicated thread on this topic, but I couldn't find one. (If there is one, and I just missed it, mods, please place this thread in the appropriate place.) I usually don't dream about the members of the band ever, but last night (i.e., Sunday night/Monday morning), I had two in short succession. Thus, I had the inspiration to start this thread (somewhat embarrassingly). Neither dream is incredibly remarkable - I was just amazed I had any in the first place. The first was one where I, for some reason, was having dinner with at least some of the band. If I had to guess, it seemed to be during an off-day on a tour. The funny thing about it is that The Edge seemed to be left holding the bag - that is, he seemed to be the one getting everyone together for this dinner and looked a bit frazzled that he was doing it instead of normal minders of the band for such an occasion. I felt like I was one of two people who was supposed to be following him to the table (with whom I allegedly was, I have no idea). Edge flew through this crowded anteroom and up some stairs - so quickly, I was sure I lost him. But, when I climbed the stairs, I found our guitar hero pretty quickly. BUT, he was off like a shot again! Through a door and down a dark hallway, we finally emerged in a somewhat dark dining room. It wasn't very full yet. The Edge seemed to unwind a bit once we were there. He pointed to a seat for me to sit in (and for whoever I was with), and he sat down on the other side (I guess to be with the other band members, although I didn't see Adam or Larry; Bono's presence was implied - not directly witnessed, but a certain Bono-ness (Bono-itude? Bono-osity?) was hanging in the air). Of course, as with many dreams, it anti-climactically ended there. The next one was more dramatic, but briefer. I was in a back-stage room where the band was (allegedly), and then a very strange thing happened. A very excited woman wearing a JT t-shirt jumped at me and knocked me off my feet! Was she a covert security agent who thought I was a baddie? No - it didn't feel like that. Did she mistake me for someone in the band? That feels closer, but not quite right. Was I getting a bizarre vicarious experience of what it was like sometimes being in U2, as if I were one of the members of the band? THAT'S what it felt like. I'd love to tell you which member if the band I was apparently channeling, but I couldn't be certain. If I had to guess, it would be either Bono or Larry. She was blond, buxom, and screaming - so much so it woke me up. I feel like I have a new respect for the band, now although I do hope none of them have ever had to endure that (but they probably have). I didn't realize that listening to boots from U2 shows before bedtime was so programming to the dream world, but apparently they are...