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Found 89 results

  1. Croke Park Dublin

    From the album Joshua Tree Tour ~ Croke Park Dublin 22nd July 17

    These trees are absolutely stunning - I so wish the UK had the climate to grow them.
  2. Plans for a U2 museum on the site of the band’s recording studio in Dublin’s docklands are at an advanced stage, with a planning application set to be lodged in the coming days. Despite the fact that – along with Guinness, St Patrick, Oscar Wilde and, possibly, Michael Flatley’s feet – U2 are Ireland’s most famous export, there are no public spaces celebrating the band’s achievements on the world stage. Even the walls of graffiti which once surrounded their old studio at Windmill Lane have been levelled to make way for towers of glass and steel. It is intended the four-storey museum will be dedicated to the band’s archive and will include artefacts covering its 40-year story. It will sit adjacent to the studio in an unimposing warehouse on Hanover Quay where some of U2’s most famous songs over the last 20 years have been recorded. Latest twist According to sources familiar with the process, designs for the museum, will be housed in a cantilevered building jutting out over the river Liffey, have already been drawn up. If the museum goes ahead, it will be just the latest twist in a game of pass the parcel which has been running for 15 years. In 2002, much to the annoyance of U2, the Dublin Docklands Development Authority (DDDA) bought the studio with the plan being to level it. By way of comfort, the band were to be given the top two floors of a nearby development which quickly became known as the U2 Tower. Planning permission was granted for the tower but the economic crash intervened and the proposals were quietly shelved. Innovative tourism offering Meanwhile, U2 continued to rent the Hanover Quay studio, which they had sold for millions of euros. In 2014, in a deal said to be worth €450,000, they bought it back. While the planning application has yet to be approved, An Bord Pleanála has previously gone on the record saying the studios “were part of the cultural heritage of the area and should be celebrated with new innovative tourism offering”. Neither the band nor any of its spokespersons could be reached for comment over the weekend. Source: The Irish Times
  3. My first ever gig was U2 in Croke Park 1987. I remember it like it was yesterday. It sealed my love affair with U2 forever! I'd love to be back there again on Saturday with my friend who has a Pitch 2 ticket and who was also there with me on that day 30 years ago!! Thanks for thinking of me if you have a spare Pitch 2 ticket!!
  4. Have two excellent seated tickets - Cusack stand section 303 row O which I would like to swap for 2 pitch 2 tickets. These are Platinum tickets which have a great view of both stages. Let me know if interested and we can arrange a swap.
  5. Hi, Looking to trade 2 Pitch 1 tickets for a Pitch 2 ticket. 4 of us are in the Pitch 2 area and we now only need 1 of the 2 Pitch 1 tickets and are hoping that somebody needs an extra ticket enough they are happy to trade ?.
  6. Looking for 2 GA tickets for Croke Park. Coming from Canada. Would possibly take seated tickets as well. Appreciate all responses. Thx in advance.
  7. Looking for 1 and coming from LA, thanks all!
  8. Need 2 tickets!!

    Hi all Looking for 2 tickets for Dublin. Pitch 2 or lower tier either side of the stages - as close as possible . Please PM me if you can help! Thanks
  9. Any Advice please?

    Hi all This will be my first time in Dublin and I am wondering about the time to arrive etc and where to wait in line? I have heard it said that there is to be no queuing beforehand but I know people will? So any advice on when and where to wait for the standing queue so as to have a chance of getting very close?? THANKS!
  10. Hi guys, I have 2 GA pitch 1 collector tickets for Dublin concert and I'd like to switch to 2 London tickets, preferable in good seats on Saturday. Anyone interested? Cheers, Mariana
  11. Anyone interested in swapping London Day 2 (July 9th) 4 x GA Standing tickets for Dublin (July 22nd) 4 x anywhere tickets but in the €39.05 - €110.00 price range. Would obviously resolve the price difference so no-one is out of pocket. Post in this thread or PM. Many thanks.
  12. Anyone interested in swapping London Day 2 (July 9th) 4 x GA Standing tickets for Dublin (July 22nd) 4 x anywhere tickets but in the €39.05 - €110.00 price range. Would obviously resolve the price difference so no-one is out of pocket. Post in this thread or PM. Many thanks.
  13. Have an unused access code that can be used in the upcoming presales this week for the second dates in London, Rome, Paris & Amsterdam. Anyone with 4 spares / 4 tickets they are unhappy with for the Dublin gig want to exchange for tickets for any of these second dates? All Croke park tickets considered (but preferably 4 seated together). Would obviously resolve the price difference so no-one is out of pocket. PM me if interested.
  14. Back to the Croke Park Future

    Exactly a week ago I was browsing YouTube and found this great TV-Documentary from 1987. It was filmed at and around the time U2 came back to Croke Park to play 2 nights during the Joshua Tree Tour. It's amazing stuff, as everything seems to be totally different now. Edge's ponytail, Bono's childish face, Croke Park was twice as small and looked hundred years older, the Troubles in Northern Ireland were still a big issue, Dublin looked like shit. U2 fans on the pitch were crushing each other, crowd control was invented years later, right after Hillsborough. The band played the songs with a lot more pace, the BPM was at least 20 higher, U2 played stadiums without the usage of videoscreens. It looks like the crowd was at least 20 years younger (and wilder) then. No single person had a camera, was hooked up to cyberspace or were talking to each other. They all went mad! It got me thinking what I did and where I was back then and I realized I am - and we are - getting old :-) Lots of things have changed, and now it's coming back. I'm really curious to see what tricks the band will have to make us relive that 1987 feeling. Will Edge and Bono have huge hair-implants? Will they play their songs in 1980's BPM? Will the Dalton Brothers come back? Will U2 have the guts to tell the audience that smartphones are strictly forbidden? Can they shut down the internet on show night? Are they going to refuse to use videoscreens? Or will they change the only thing that's still the same? Larry Mullen junior... Hope you guys were successful with the ticket quest, at least that was a lot easier this time. In case you're interested, take a break and watch U2 - World in Action 1987. You'll love it!
  15. I have been ready to take advantage of wires presale since early. did not update till 9:05 and now no pitch tickets are available. I went on the UK ticketmaster site too as the Irish was just a hold page and that was available for ticket purchases at 9 am. But my account is with so I was waiting till they went on sale there. Irish fans always seem to get the short straw it would seem.