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Found 208 results

  1. Hi I have two general admission for Las Vegas Night 2 and I'd really love to trade for either night in Los Angeles because that's where we live. Any takers?
  2. Hi I have two general admission for Las Vegas Night 2 and I'd really love to trade for either night in Los Angeles because that's where we live. Any takers?
  3. Hi, I'm interested in buying your GA floor ticket(s) for May 22nd or May 23rd if you have any extras.
  4. I'm hoping that someone here has an extra GA ticket for any of the following: Boston (1st night) New York (any show) Montreal (any show) I have 2 extra GA tickets for Boston (2nd night) that I'd be happy to trade. I also managed to buy a pretty good pair of seats for New York (2nd night) and 4 seats in Montreal (2nd night), if you're interested in any of those instead. You can email me at [NO PERSONAL INFO PLEASE. USE PRIVATE MESSAGE FEATURE] Thanks!
  5. I managed to buy 4 seats for Montreal #2, but I'm hoping to get a GA ticket instead (for any concert in Montreal). If you're willing to trade with me, I have 2 extra GA's for Boston (2nd night), 4 seats in Montreal (2nd night), and pretty good seats for New York (also 2nd night) You can email me at [NO PERSONAL INFO PLEASE. USE PRIVATE MESSAGE FEATURE]
  6. I have 2 extra GA tickets for the 2nd show in Boston. Hoping to trade for a GA ticket for the 1st show. Please email me if interested: [NO PERSONAL INFO PLEASE. USE PRIVATE MESSAGE FEATURE]
  7. I've had nothing but fantastic experiences going to GA U2 shows in San Jose. Not so much at other venues as the venue does not organize the GA line so it's up to fans, which has pros and cons. The SAP center (FKA Compaq) center provides wristbands to each GA ticket holder in the morning, and then you can come and go at your leisure until around 5pm. They then check wristbands again. If you like this system, email the contact at each venue and provide them with the attached line up. It's from 2015, and they've used the same system since 2001 with the Elevation tour. Who would you prefer to organize the GA line, the fans, the venue or U2? Handout-GA-Line-Management-U2-Updated.pdf
  8. Now we have two huge fans in our family: my son, too. I've tried desperately to pull GAs for either night in Vegas, during various presales, to surprise my son the weekend of his 10th birthday. Anyone? Thanks so much!!
  9. Hi u2 fellow fans. Am looking to buy one GA for Boston1 and two GA for Boston2 please, if anyone can help Thanks!
  10. Hi fans. Looking to buy two GA for Vegas 2 if anyone can help Thanks!
  11. As with the Presale for the first DC show, I was not given the option to buy any General Admission tickets for the second DC show (although I was able to buy GA for the 1st show during the public onsale, which was not fun since I had to sit through three different onsales -, Citibank, and Public to get the GA tickets). Instead, I was given the option to buy ticket locations that were readily available to the general public during the public onsale for the first show since the 1st show did not sell out in the first few hours of the public onsale. I thought that the point of paying for a subscription was that real fans (I have been to over 20 concerts on every U.S. Tour since 1985's Unforgettable Fire) get first crack at tickets (and if the presale sells out of the GA floor, well, too bad for the people that aren't fans enough to subscribe to Obviously, this is not the case. I want a refund and will never join again. Does anyone else feel the same way?
  12. Hi fans. Am looking for one GA to Boston1 and two GA for Vegas2 if anyone can help. thanks!
  13. looking for 1 Boston1 GA

    Looking for one Boston1 GA if anyone knows someone selling one. Thanks!
  14. For the past two tours I was in the first group to purchase tickets. On my computer and refreshed exactly on time. Both tours got Red Zone tickets (Innocence and JT in at the MSG and Meadowlands respectively), today I got on for MSG for Experience and no Red Zone tickets were coming up. I had to change from "Best Available" to specifically hitting radar button for Red Zone seating. Had to change number of tickets from 2 to 1. 1 came up available and then switched back to 2 as quantity and got them. This was at 10:09am. Took 9 minutes so something was glitchy in the system. Also no GA tickets were coming up available. None. Only VIP $695 party tickets and the same lower section, 115. The release of tickets for this presale, at least in the first 9 minutes was limited, wonky, glitchy and something is still amiss despite attempts to offer longest term fans a pre-presale, verify fan only through TM and you lower supply to them...??? Something smells fishy. Hope this helps others who want this "experience" too. :-) Grateful I found what I'm looking for...
  15. I have been to several U2 concerts but never in general admission. I have a couple questions I would love help with... Price - usually what is price for GA - my venue lists prices from like $40 to $325 - any idea where GA would fall in there? Availability - Does GA usually sell out? Wondering if there is any benefit to doing presale if I am getting GA. I think the stage set up lends itself to a great GA experience without having to get there hours and hours early to wait in line. Thanks for any help and advice!!
  16. Do we know it GA tix will be credit card entry only again?
  17. We have 2 GA tickets that we no longer need. Meet us before show and we can walk you in with our CC? We have Red Zone and will be there around 630? Face value we paid for both is $174 We still have 2 tickets!
  18. Selling 1 GA ticket for San Diego show (9/22) at face value. Tickets require credit card for entry, so would need to meet before show.
  19. If you missed the ticket drop, I have 1 GA for Friday. I'm traveling in from San Antonio and will be in town Thursday morning. PM me if interested!
  20. 1 GA $50

    $50 for a PHX GA PM ME
  21. 4 GAs to unload

    Looks like I will have 4 GAs for San Diego I won't be able to use. Message me if you're interested. - Peter
  22. I bought 2 GA tickets for a buddy and me on the day tickets went on sale. My order shows the tickets in section GA2. Then, a few weeks ago, I bought another GA ticket for my girlfriend because her work trip got cancelled. That order shows the ticket in section GA13. I have already seen this show a few times and GA was all the same. Have any of you heard if Arrowhead is doing something weird and sectioning the GA area into different zones? I hope they aren't because my girlfriend is going to be pissed if she has to stand at the back on her own.
  23. I have one hard GA floor ticket for the Buffalo show. Can't go anymore due to stuff that came up last minute at work. PM me if interested. Will send as soon as I receive payment.
  24. Hi everyone! I'm desperately in search of 1 GA for San Diego. I'm hoping to queue in advance and would happily help with line management if needed (I arrive from Vancouver late Wednesday evening). Please let me know! Thanks, Michelle
  25. Hi. I need a GA For Saturday night PLEASE! PM me if you have one available Thanks