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Found 51 results

  1. Where are U2?

    Why have we had no apology from anyone about this shambles of pre sale codes, subscription gift for 2017 limited tour dates, ridiculous ticket prices, Experience fans not receiving pre sale codes, no shows in certain Countries i.e. Scotland again. Who thinks its acceptable to treat fans this way? I expected better from U2 as they always seemed to stay away from Sponsored Tours but it seems fans have become secondary to profit. from some of the comments on this site quite a few seasoned members will not be renewing their subscriptions anymore. Anyone from U2 listening?????
  2. After this disasterous presale and general sale I've come to the conclusion that U2 doesn't need me as a fan anymore. I have sacrificed thousands of dollars traveling the globe to see my favorite band perform. I've been so lucky to be front and center at many shows. I've made life long friendships. I met my boyfriend in a GA line. Maybe I've needed U2 all of this time. I thought they needed me too. Now I feel they don't need me as a fan any longer. I'm dispensabe. U2 doesn't need me anymore. Deb
  3. To commemorate the fact that I finally got to see the boys in concert after a 30yr musical journey (and JT being the first U2 album I owned as an 8yr old), I present to you my Yucca Plant JT tattoo.
  4. From the album enrique perez

    Larry at his kit. Love the black and white visuals. EXCELLENT !!!
  5. Rhythmic section FTW!

    From the album Dublin 3 & 4 #U2ieTour

  6. Larry clip 1 2731

    From the album ewe too

    © me

  7. 20151107 211237 3718

    From the album ewe too


    © joshthetree2015

  8. 20151107 211237 46554

    From the album ewe too


    © joshthetree2015

  9. 20151107 210815 44370

    From the album ewe too


    © joshthetree2015

  10. with Larry :)

    From the album Larry

  11. From the album Larry

    moment of surrender .. and pure joy ...
  12. More than just a band.

    From the album Larry

    Collected over the years.
  13. From the album Larry

    New York, night 7
  14. From the album Larry

    This was Night 6 in New York, MSG.
  15. with Larry in Turin!!

    From the album Larry

    I've been a U2 fan since I was a toddler....and THIS moment was the one i've always been waiting for.
  16. 19479446352 f2f6b56471 O

    From the album Toronto 01 07/06/2015

    © Mary Juric

  17. U2 The Band+Fan on "e" Stage

    From the album U2ieTour 2015 CHI-5 Last Night in Chicago

    a stolen moment of the boys all united on the "e" stage with a lucky fan, helping to broadcast via meerkat during "Mysterious Ways" My favorite shot of the night that summarize Day-5, the last night in Chicago at the United Center