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Found 2 results

  1. I'm curious if others have had any resolution with the issue that impacted many of us at the Chicago shows in June - the flipped seating chart. It seems like such a huge thing to screw up, and yet I see very little complaining even though the seats were so drastically moved (i.e. from looking at the stage to suddenly sitting behind it). Here is the background from an earlier post I made in a different (dead) thread about TM issues... I bought my tickets ~7 months before the show and was very happy with them. When I went to grab them prior to the show, I suddenly saw the 'limited view' language, but thought it must have been a computer mistake. When I got to my seats, I couldn't believe I was suddenly behind the stage instead of facing it from the front. No warning, no notice, no reassessing the value of the ticket. I honestly can't believe they could do that and that no one has taken any responsibility as far as I've been able to see. I read some threads the days after the show, and people said they would call TM, United Center, and others...but everyone just pointed fingers at the other party. The only positive stories anyone had was if you heard about the issue before the concert and asked for new tickets at the box office the day of the show. How can someone sell a ticket at a certain price and then completely change the seat - by a lot - without any recourse or option for the buyer to get a refund/reissue ahead of time? Can't they at least offer a partial refund since the value (of sitting behind the stage) was much lower to myself and others?? Again, having bought these tickets 7 months prior and the day they went on sale. Had there been anything done to address this mix up by any party? Thanks!
  2. We had limited view seats, down low (row 5), at the corner of the stage in section 115. We were so low and so close that a good portion of the view of the stage was blocked by the tree trunk of cables that hang at the back corner of the stage. Thanks to the advice of someone in our same predicament who had gone before us and then came back to our section to tell us, we went to the box office and politely complained about the view. I showed the ticket person a photo of our view and asked if there was a chance of being moved. He asked for my existing tickets and disappeared for a minute. He came back with tickets for us in row 8 of section 112. These seats were fantastic. If you have bad seats like we did, it's worth asking if something can be done. The box office is in the northeast corner, I believe it was around section 204. Good luck. Before After
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