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Found 19 results

  1. BUMP !!!

    From the album Drops Of Sun

    © CRIS

  2. LandLady

    From the album Songs of Experience

    After listening to SOE I went out " Running down the street like loose electricity while the band in my head plays a strip-tease" to the park and took some SOE-inspired photos....

    © Cris

  3. _Sable sur la Plage

    From the album The Secret Rhythm of Trees

    © CRIS

  4. Olive Green Trabant

    From the album Me

    @badlands65 Here's my new drawing.....Hope you see this.... This is the Olive Green Trabant S-601--Deluxe my uncle used to have....Together with my aunt and other relatives we drove to the sea-side in 1992 (or 1993).....first time I ever saw the sea and such an incredible car..............There are much more stories attached to it that my aunt knows from before I was born, they had it since 1981....I used one of the stories in an Achtung Baby review I posted back in the blog days of the zoo........ Interesting enough....U2 drove the exact same type of Trabant in the documentary " From the Sky Down " ....

    © Cris

  5. View Outside My Window

    From the album The Secret Rhythm of Trees

    © Cris

  6. INSIDE of the Fly

    From the album ACHTUNG BABY !!!!!

    © Cris

  7. Achtung Baby ....

    From the album ACHTUNG BABY !!!!!

    Can never have enough of Achtung Baby !!!

    © Cris

  8. UberDeLuxe Front

    From the album ACHTUNG BABY !!!!!

    © CRIS

  9. Ne me quitte pas (Dublin Withdrawel)

    Should probably post this elsewhere but I know for a fact those of us who just spent the week in Dublin, or part of it, from all over the world, got to bear witness to some extraordinary events last week. Concentration is very difficult but the love I felt from meeting new friends and old, the camaraderie, the shows, the interaction with the guys in the band, all of it -- you just can't explain it to someone if you weren't there. And I have a new level of appreciation for every man in that band just from a few little interactions and actions on their parts. At the heart of all of this I think is the fact is probably the most obvious -- this band is about affirming the power of love and life over all other contenders. Never have I felt that as deeply as I have this past week, despite having seen many many other shows over the year. Just saying what I suspect many are feeling today and wanted to give a huge global hug and thanks to the incredible fan community, and the band. The Jacques Brel song has been in my head all day... Ne me quitte pas Il faut oublier Tout peut s'oublier Qui s'enfuit deja Oublier le temps Des malentendus Et le temps perdu A savoir comment Oublier ces heures Qui tuaient parfois A coups de pourquoi Le coeur du bonheur Ne me quitte pas Ne me quitte pas Ne me quitte pas Ne me quitte pas Big love, one love to you all.
  10. U2 2 xGA tickets for Saturday 7th November

    Help wanted! Im gutted i lost out on ticket sales due to very difficult times visiting hospitals and totally forgot about the pre sales! i simply cant believe it myself but its unfortunately true! please if you can help a life time fan happy im looking for 2x Red Zone or GA standing tickets for the Saturday the 7th november! ive never sat at a concert in my life but will have to on the Friday! Ive helped lots of genuine fans out in the past and believe there are some good people put there who might be able to make me smile and beam inside!!! please if you know anyone or have seen any for sale help this U2Angel out thank you all and enjoy the show everyone
  11. Lose Yourself to Nature !

    From the album Drops Of Sun

    © Cris

  12. From the album Drops Of Sun

    Rainy Day in May 2011-Botanical Garden-Bucharest !

    © Cris

  13. Ordinary Love

    From the album U2 Collections

    ...another vinyl single to add to the collection just arrived!
  14. Ordinary Love

    From the album Ordinary Love

    My entry for the Vinyl competition

    © Stephanie Smith