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Found 55 results

  1. I have one seated ticket available for the October 3rd show, it is in Naranja A, Sec 03, Row 23. Price is face + TM fees= 3,025 MXN (same price as a GA) I will be picking this ticket up at a TM outlet when I arrive in Mexico on September 29 - if interested you can meet me at the outlet when I pick it up, or later at a central location. PM if you are interested in this ticket! Tengo un Seccion Grada boleto en Naranja A, Sec 03, Fila 23 para el concierto de 3 octubre. Precio es 3,025 MXN. Si usted es interesado, yo voy a ir un centro de TM cuando arriba en Mexico 29 septiembre y puedo encontrarte allí o más tarde en un lugar central. PM si usted es interesado. PS: Mi español hablado no es bueno.
  2. If any other fan has an extra ticket, I would love to take it from you! Just need 1 GA ticket. I arrive SD morning of Friday, Sept. I can meet you in the GA line. Thank you!
  3. I have one hard GA floor ticket for the Buffalo show. Can't go anymore due to stuff that came up last minute at work. PM me if interested. Will send as soon as I receive payment.
  4. I have one hard GA floor ticket for the Detroit show. Can't go anymore due to stuff that came up last minute at work. PM me if interested. Will send as soon as I receive payment.
  5. Hi everyone! I'm desperately in search of 1 GA for San Diego. I'm hoping to queue in advance and would happily help with line management if needed (I arrive from Vancouver late Wednesday evening). Please let me know! Thanks, Michelle
  6. I have multiple tickets for sale at face value due to an error on Tickemaster app. Ticketmaster will not refund, so I am stuck with too many tickets. I tried to buy tickets as soon as they went on sale thinking the show would sell out. I kept getting errors on the Ticketmaster app. Though I was given an error the tickets were still purchased. Ticketmaster will not refund and suggested I sell on their 'resale' site which tacks on $50 in fees for me and $50 in fees for the purchaser! Anyways I have the following tickets available for what I paid: Section 108, Row 35, Seats 11-14 (4 tickets) - $315 each X 4 Section 108, Row 38, Seats 3-4 (2 tickets) - $315 each X 2 These will get you closer than what you can buy on the ticketmaster site at the same price. I can provide proof of purchase. These are hard tickets that I will mail out upon payment with venmo. I would also possibly consider payment thru paypal as well, or I can meet you there and walk in with you. Thanks!
  7. Update to below, managed to secure two additional tickets, but we may still have one Gold VIP ticket available Will confirm later today and if anybody interested please pm ***************************************************************************************************** Hi long time fan since the early days (see earlier posts), have seen many many shows and every tour since the very early days, Travelling to Amsterdam this weekend, and the situation is that we have seated GOLD VIP tickets together with friends but now another friend is joining us so what we are looking to do is to do a partial trade for tickets and cash Preferably looking for 2 good seats together in a lower block, and will pay the difference in price if any The Gold VIP ticket cost e320 inc the TM booking fee. If anybody out there is interested please PM me asap many thanks
  8. Pleaaaase
  9. One ticket, Berlin, GA, for sale, €87,60,
  10. I am selling 1 ticket for concert in Rome on July 15th Full page photo.pdf
  11. GA (1 ticket) needed for each MetLife night, thanks gang! John
  12. Tampa ga ticket wanted

    Looking for one ga ticket for Tampa. May have friends interested also if need to sell multiples. Thanks.
  13. I still wish I could go but I am unable to make it now. I am not in UK and they are e-tickets, so the transaction is basically based on trust. What I can promise is that after You pay me via PayPal, I will give you my TICKETMASTER account PERMANENTLY, you can change the registered email, password or whatever. You can find the tickets there and download them for entry. Please contact me via forum's Messages function. Thanks!
  14. Hi, I have one great ticket for sale- Section 129, Row 33, Seat 5. Selling at face value $300. PM me here or [NO PERSON INFO PLEASE. USE PRIVATE MESSAGE]
  15. Hoping against any hope here but does anyone have a GA ticket for sale for the Miami show?
  16. Hey all! Looking to buy 1 - flying from CA so if you know of anyone selling, I'm in! Thanks so much.
  17. Coming from LA on Friday and looking for 1. Thanks gang!
  18. Section 125

    Leaving the below up to be polite, but it's now gone. Sorry for the slow update - been unconnected to the worldwidewworldwideweb until just now. I've got one extra ticket to the DC show. I'm using 3 of the 4 I bought, but my daughter can't go so its up for grabs. Section 125. Asking face value (and what TM takes). $124.60 is what I paid for it.
  19. 1 GA Available

    Hi everyone. A friend can't make the Pittsburgh show now, so I have one GA available. Whoever gets it would have to enter with me, but I'm hoping to round the group up to arrive fairly early. As long as you meet me by the time we go in you should be fine. PM me if interested. Looking forward to an excellent show! Julie
  20. I have one GA ticket available for sale for tonight's show. Credit card entry so we will have to go in together. Let me know if interested.
  21. Hi Everyone, I have an extra General Admission floor ticket for $85 (what TicketMaster charges) to the Dallas show since my son cannot attend. I bought through pre-sale so it's paperless / credit card entry so you will have to enter the gate with my brother and I if that's ok. We are driving about 8 hours to the show and should arrive around 4:00 PM. Just send a PM I can meet at venue anytime after 4:00. Thanks!
  22. $95 Im at the GA line. I'll post a "SOLD" follow-up here when it's gone.
  23. Hello! I've got my plane ticket and my place to stay... now I just need one GA ticket! I'm happy to line up early. Anyone have an extra? Thanks so much! Please PM me if you have one.
  24. Hello! I'm hoping to buy one face-value GA or Red Zone ticket for Tampa. Or a GOOD seat. Anyone? Thank you!!
  25. Seek 1 GA ticket

    Hi, I'd like to buy 1 GA ticket for Houston if anyone has a spare one message me please!