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Found 185 results

  1. Hello, I have two GAs for tomorrow's (Tuesday, Sept. 19th, 2017) Phoenix show. See everyone else at the show tomorrow! Alexia
  2. I bought 2 GA tickets for a buddy and me on the day tickets went on sale. My order shows the tickets in section GA2. Then, a few weeks ago, I bought another GA ticket for my girlfriend because her work trip got cancelled. That order shows the ticket in section GA13. I have already seen this show a few times and GA was all the same. Have any of you heard if Arrowhead is doing something weird and sectioning the GA area into different zones? I hope they aren't because my girlfriend is going to be pissed if she has to stand at the back on her own.
  3. Desperately seeking two RZ tickets (preferably), or realllllly good seats for Minneapolis Sept. 8. I can pay face-value and/or trade the three GA tickets I already have. We are taking my 9-year-old son to his first-ever U2 show. We had every intention of lining up, getting numbers, etc. to get him on the rail, but now my husband is being sent away on a business trip. I feel like that's going to be too hard to secure (and keep) a spot on the rail with a 9-year-old (what if he has to go to the bathroom and there's no one to hold our spot in the stadium?!), so I'm thinking the best solution is to get two Red Zone tickets, or two really good seats. Thanks so much!!
  4. Hi. I need a GA For Saturday night PLEASE! PM me if you have one available Thanks
  5. Hi I have 2 GA/Pelouse tickets for each/either night in Paris Im looking to sell. They're hard paper tickets. I'm in the U.K. currently so willing to post to other UK addresses otherwise I'll be in Dublin so can meet there or I will have friends in Paris I can send them with. Face value of course
  6. I'm looking for one ticket at the inferior seat/chair A on October 22th. I have one GA on the same day for trade. Face value.
  7. I have two tickets for seated places for Croke Park concert . If interested, let me know .
  8. U2 Barcelona - 2 tickets left

    Hi guys, I bought in the pre sale with credit card 4 tickets for U2 Barcelona. All tickets have my name. Unfortunately 2 persons can not attend the concert. Is it possible to sell these tickets to another person? Or only possible when they go into the stadium with me? As I am the one who needs to show ID and Credit Card? Cheers, Martine
  9. Hi dear u2 fans, Can't wait to see you all again!!!!In order to prepare our day in Paris "stade de France" I 'd like to do a little survey to know the time you guys will come to start queing for the show? Also i am looking for someone to change tickets gate with me. We are gate H and Z would be so great if we can exchange our tickets to be all 4 in gate H or Z.. Thanks a lot and see you soon. Do you know if early presales tickets are all in same gate?
  10. Unfortunately, I won’t be available on this date eventually. I am selling 2 VIP Package tickets (hard tickets) at face value.I want these to go to U2 fans only.If you are interested, please PM me.
  11. Barcelona on tuesday I have 3 extra standing tickets For sale at normal price
  12. Rome , Italy15 July 2017 2x seated tickets: 30BS Row 14 Seats S07 & S08 [Settore 30BS fila 14 posto S07 & S08] €207 per ticket (face value as on ticket)
  13. HI, I got 4 tickets GA for Rome to sell at face value plus inscription tax. I can hand out the tickets in Luxembourg right now, otherwise it could also be in Rome from the 14th on in the evening or the 15th (exact place to be defined), I will attend the concert on the 16th. Danielle
  14. VIP Tickets Required

    I want VIP tickets for Sao Paulo, Brazil...
  15. Hi guys, I have 1 seated ticket for sale for face value. We were originally 4 friends going to the show, but now one can't make it, and I'm very upset to find out that I have no other friends that are interested in U2 and wants to come with us. I'm thinking that the buyer should pay first, then I'll email the pdf with the ticket. The ticket has my name, but I don't think this should be a problem. Can anyone confirm that this is OK? Or should we meet up at the arena and enter together? The seat is in low328, row V. Send me a pm if you're interested!
  16. Hi, I have a ticket for this Saturday's show at Twickenham available. Seated, Block M31 row 69 so that's East Stand, Middle Tier. My best mate, my wife and I are attending. Two out of the three of us have been to concerts from every U2 tour since ZooTV 1992, and this'll be my wife's second U2 concert so whether you're an old hand or new to the band, we're a good bunch to sit with. I have already printed the tickets - see image attached. I always buy 4 tickets and never have a problem selling them but typically, this year, so many friends/family are on holiday this week. It's incredible. Face value of ticket is £170. I won't ask for additional booking fees etc.
  17. *UPDATE* The tickets detailed below have now been sold. I have two GA tickets (Gate C) for sale for Saturday 8th July at Twickenham Stadium London for £78.25 each (£70 face value plus £8.25 service charge) (plus shipping if required). I am located in Belfast but can post the tickets upon receipt of payment. Can also meet up / deliver in person etc if you're in/near Belfast (you'd have to come to me if you're outside of Belfast though as I can't drive). Me and my friend were going to go but we're both behind with our studies and probably also should be saving our money and we're going to Dublin anyway
  18. I have two GA tickets available, fan club purchased so credit card entry rules apply. I can be flexible on when to enter as long as it's not early morning. PM me and let's figure it out!
  19. I have 2 GA for Saturday in Cleveland, will have to enter together per CC rules; I am coming from out of town and can meet to go in around 5:30 or 6. PM me if interested, thanks
  20. Section 535, Row 27 Seats 7 & 8. Face Value.
  21. Hello everybody, I need one GA for a big U2 fan and friend, me and my other buddy are going to be at the venue by 10:00 a.m. Please pm me if anyone has an extra for Thursday and be there early. thank you raiderlimon
  22. Sorry for my poor English; It is an outburst of a fan who can not watch the U2 Tours because, again, the company that sells tickets does not respect the fans of the U2. The tickets that squeeze in 01 hour are sold by profiteers for triple the price. I was queued for 4 hours and could not buy anything. Why does U2 only tour in Sao Paulo? There are other cities in Brazil besides Sao Paulo like Rio, Salvador, Porto Alegre. There are thousands of fans who are being exploited in the name of Love. What more n the name of love? See for youtube Vertigo 2006, 360 2011 and now, the Joshua Three 2017? I'm sad, disappointed, because they stole my dream, my time ... for nothing. I still love U2, but I'm stuck for not getting my ticket. Something is very wrong
  23. Haven't missed a tour since '91. Coming from Texas.
  24. We are ISO of 1 single for Sunday at Foxboro to round out our group. Most of us in GA but OK with 1 single anywhere to get our pal in the building! PM THANKS!
  25. Ticketmaster woes! Any advice?

    Is anyone else having a problem with Ticketmaster? I am so mad I could spit!!!!! I bought two tickets using the Ticketmaster App for the Phoenix show while I was standing in the GA line for the DC show (or so I thought). I used the direct link sent from with my Red Hill presale code for the Phoenix show and although the tickets were supposed to go on sale at 10:00 AM MST, it ended up being more like 10:20 AM. That should have been my first clue to how messed up it would be. I had a really hard time selecting GA and I wanted RedZone, but there was no hope for that, the App just wouldn't show me anything but seats--the only way I got it to give me the GA option was to use the select seats on a map option. RedZone was grayed-out the whole time. Now here's the kicker: I just checked my email and the tickets issued are for the wrong show in the wrong city!!!! They have issued me tickets for St Louis on the same day I already have tickets for Arcade Fire in DC! I called Ticketmaster and their customer service (what a joke even calling it that) is abysmal! They couldn't care less. They told me the tickets are non-refundable and gave me some sort of reference number. They said that they had to talk to the promoter--which is internal only and maybe I'd hear back in 3-5 business days. They were completely unconvincing and really really don't care. I pointed out that the App was a nightmare to use and I had used a link to get to the Phoenix ticket sale site and that this was not my mess up. I also pointed out again that I clearly have previously bought tickets to a different show in a different city on the same date. THEY DON'T CARE AT ALL. I am so upset because it seems there is no recourse for me. I also just went on Ticketmaster for the Phoenix show (through my desktop web browser this time) and when I put in my code, it says I have unlocked RedZone for Red Hill members and it still shows me nothing but seats. No RedZone, no GA. Their site is beyond screwed up and it seems that they reap the rewards of their incompetence by pocketing the nonrefundable funds that they are swindling from honest fans!!! Was wondering if anyone else was having a similar experience and any advice appreciated. Sorry, just really needed to rant. I thought U2 had ditched Ticketmaster years ago due to their complete lack of professionalism and customer care. What a shame!