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    With only a couple of days left to go to send in photos & videos of what you have built 'From The Ground Up', we got in touch with some of the recipients of the last U2.com giveaway, 'U22Unwrapped' who received some very fine U22 prints, some signed by each member of the band, and asked those fans for a few words.
    (You stil have time to tweet a link to your #U2FTGU media, go to the 'Home Made' U2.com News article for full details, and check out the  #U2FTGU Gallery to see what other fans have built. ALSO after the 5 winners are announced on U2.com sometime in early April, look out for some upcoming news on more giveaways soon - thats all I can say for now - have a great Easter weekend everyone  :)
    Remember the U22Zombie vid? Here's what its' creator, Jonathan Craig had to say on receiving his well earned prize..

    "U2 have are a very important part of my life. They have always been there for me through thick and thin, Marking the best moments in my life. From my father taking me on a trip to Ireland for a concert, to seeing them 8 times over 4 countries with my girlfriend for the 360 tour. ( We are now getting married.) 4 Guys so important... I have never met. They have always seemed out of reach, being the biggest band in the world!! 

    The U22 video contest changed that for me. As a U2.com subscriber for over ten years, I've seen contests come and go..... but this one caught my eye. Recruiting my best buds (Clark,Wes,and Pauly) and the new mask I made, we shot the video and posted it up. The response from around the world was mind blowing!! Not only did we win this amazing print, But U2 actually signed it!!!! 

    Thanks to U2.com I'm one step closer to the 4 guys that mean so much. Now Im just waiting for Bono to call me Keep on Rocking on.... U2.com!!!!"






    And Here's what Fernanda Bottini from Brazil, had to say :

    "I loved my U22 poster! It´s so big and the photo is really beautiful. First of all, I didn´t expect to win but my friends thought I should deserve it for being a devoted fan for so long. However, I´m not a lucky girl and I thought I couldn´t get enough votes. So I was very surprised to win this competition.

    It showed me that people like what I do, bringing U2 news to the fans. And also because I´m Brazilian, I´ve never had the chance to meet the band or to be in many concerts like Americans or Europeans, for instance.

    There are millions of fans around the world, but it gave me hope to continue dreaming that one day I´ll find what I´m looking for. This poster has made me feel a special and blessed person because it´s a part of U2 360 tour that I´ll keep forever as the best moment of my life."






    Finally, Arend Kuster, from Doha :



    "Here I am with the poster on a little tour around Doha – and I chose the magnificent Museum of Islamic Art as a background.

    In my short movie, I have deliberately stayed away from “showpiece views” of the rapidly developing city, such as the Corniche, and bring a bit of the back roads to the front.  This was part of the plan when conceptualizing the video. 

    I work here in scholarly publishing, and some dramatic changes at work in the week when I received U22 meant that I had much more stress than needed.  Doing this video was a welcomed release valve, and I pretty much nailed in in post-production in a night, as I could not sleep anyways.  Winning the price has been amazing – and when I unpacked the poster I could not believe my eyes.  Work stress remains high – but to me the poster is a constant reminder that creativity, perseverance and - above all -  music will help us to overcome issues eventually. Thanks a million times for this, it was a lot of fun!"



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