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Sunday April 19th from 12pm PST / 3pm EST / 8pm BST
Zoo TV: Live from Sydney-
and then on demand, wherever you are in the world, for forty eight hours.
Calling all U2.com subscribers… are you ready for the laughing gas?
Join us on Sunday April 19th as we go back to the 1990's for a special screening of Zoo TV: Live from Sydney.
Everybody loved the premiere of 'Live In Berlin' last month ... and not just because it was an extraordinary show.
It was about the U2 community - so many fans getting together to watch it at the same time.
So let's do it again.
A few thousand of us.
From all over the world.
At the same time.
From Zoo Station and The Fly to Angel of Harlem and Love is Blindness…
Our amazing Zootopia team will be online and waiting for you - photos, tweets, reviews and live chat - as the band are live from Sydney, in 1993, all over again.
#ZOOTVLiveFromSydney | #U2getherAtHome
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