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St Louis - U2 The Joshua Tree Tour 2017

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Not sure how this happens. I'm able to fly, drive, rail, walk and run, and I've had tix to these U2 shows:
POP Mart in Memphis, TN
360 in Norman, OK
I&E in Chicago, IL
JTT30 in Louisville, KY (Red Zone)
JTT30 in DC (Landover, MD)
JTT30 in St. Louis, MO
JTT30 in San Diego, CA
As mentioned in profile, partner in CSS, Inc. (Concert Staging Services, Inc. in Little Rock, Arkansas 1987-1996), providing mix platforms, spot towers, extra scaffold builds for one-off needs at multiple venues (these were after my driving semi loaded with staging/rigger/crew chief road days) but as operations and design manager, I was tethered to desk in office, but still did occasional shows during the U2 tours during those years
Bono and Edge showing up at the opening of the Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock (no advance tip on that one) with a couple of songs performed in the rain for the thousands in attendance including all living Presidents (except an ill Gerald Ford)
but I have never seen U2 live. I'm one that says they provided the sound track to my life, in all the good and hurtful times, helping me keep my head above water when I would find it so hard to get where I belonged, where God needed me to be, living as me, in freedom and joy, fearing no man's judgement. But being made a hardcore dreamer, born out of any "box" normal people feel so comfortable living in, I existed in fear of not pleasing those in my life and that is not what God made me for. U2 is four guys that have stayed together and sacrificed so much of their own lives and living with their own families as so many of us take for granted. From that first album I bought in that record store across the street from the university I attended (no, I wasn't skipping a class. I don't think), my freshman year until now, U2 gave me so much. And they were a "live" band, making studio songs come alive and turn every show into a spiritual experience. Or so I've heard. Car accident to missed flights, to the JTT show canceled due to protests that grew in violence, to me letting all these opportunities evaporate in my hands, I am yet to experience that live U2 show. No one else's fault but mine after all these years. Maybe next year. But there is still the way they have shored up my heart and mind that are pretty beat up. I still dream out loud and when I listen to any of their albums or watch a video of a live show, it definitely might get a little loud.

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