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    • FACE VALUE OR LESS ONLY (plus original provable fees) - NO EXCEPTIONS
    • Indicate clearly in title if your are selling / buying / swapping AND date, number of tix etc. 
    • Example : FOR SALE: [Number of tickets] Type: [GA/Seats]  When: [Venue, Date]
    • U2.com subscription fee cannot be added to Face Value ticket(s) price
    • No links to auction sites (like eBay) or secondary market links (like StubHub) 
    • No personal information in posts (e.g. email addresses, phone numbers or credit card numbers)
    • In first instance answer post in topic and / or use PM (Personal Message) system to transact with other fans
    • One topic per ticket(s) sale / swap / request
    • When your post / topic has been fulfilled, please update topic
    • Mods can be contacted at any time and we actively check posts are within site guidelines

    DISCLAIMER : All transactions are done at your own risk.

    Any suspicious behaviour may result in posts being removed and reported up the chain.

Closed Club

This is a closed club, some content may be hidden to non members.

About This Club

Ticket swap section for upcoming #thejoshuatreetour2019 - for U2.com paid subscribers only.. All members must be approved before joining, posts will become visible to all approved members - this is to ensure only bonafide trades are on offer here.

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