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  2. Totally agree. Plus, being a little off on the timing of a song in a concert and still being able to make a comment is doable. Dialogue in a movie or show, not so much.... Also....I hate talking during movies....
  3. Yup, kinda agree with you Max. Music and movie are not experienced the same way (well at least imo). In other news, I've just shuffled through the 360 Ultraviolet vid and i'm getting a tad bit excited
  4. Honestly and sincerely, in my view there are only two possible ways to make a movie work in a live stream party: - One would be if the director or one of the actors (or more of them, or a combo) is present and make comments about it during the movie - or tv show: a few days ago there was a live stream for the Twin Peaks pilot with Kyle Kyle MacLachlan and Mädchen Amick, quite entertaining and informative thanks to their comments); or - If the movie is so, so, so... so bad that the only possible way to endure it is to make jokes about it - basically Mystery Science Theater 3000. plus, while the Wenders movies are great but are on the slow lane - maybe they could be food for thought, but in the end it would feel like homework) (not to mention that for many, the U2 connection is so tenuous, and in the case of Wings of Desire, inexistent) Perhaps it's better if we concentrate on the official material that we have now - there's still plenty of it for the next weeks and if the circunstances make that we finished them the discussion can come once that stage is reached, not before...
  5. Yes! I have that too. Wim just doesn't do short. I have owned a few movies that have required more than one DVD to contain the whole film; however, UTEOTW establishes a record for my owning a film that requires more than one BluRay just for the film itself. With our current predicament, I bet I'll easily be able to find the time to watch it - I was more concerned about that when I first got it. Little did I (or most anyone) know what we were in store for...
  6. I do have the new directors cut of Until the End of the World that I still haven’t sit down to watch. It’s only roughly 5 hours long....
  7. Yes, R&H I think we could definitely do. I hope we could do any of the others - we’ll need to create a poll to see if enough people have any of the others to make such an effort worthwhile. Good thing we still have a few of the mainstream shows to last us for a bit. The movies are a mixed bag to be sure - Mich’s comment below is good. Yes, once is about enough for The Million Dollar Hotel (which pains me to say - Wim Wenders directed it, it has plenty of stars, Bono had the original idea and was involved in the screenplay - it should have been a knockout; it’s just a bit less than that though). ”Wings” was mentioned as the setup to “Faraway” - if you plan on seeing the second, you really have to have seen the first.
  8. I’m glad that you and Larry have a good sense of humor. 😄
  9. Wings of Desire isn’t exactly U2 related, but it is the prequel to Far Away, So Close and oh so good. I watched Million Dollar Hotel once....
  10. I’d vote for this; R&H too i dont think Ive ever seen any of the movies though 🙊
  11. They designed one 9 years ago for the iPad by a design agency called BLITZ in Los Angeles, but that got cancelled when Live Nation came knocking.
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  13. To all our friends in Belarus... We miss you all so much! Our Board Members, Groups Leaders and Volunteers have videoed some very special messages for all of you which we will share with you over the coming weeks. Today's message is from our Dublin Group Leader - Trina, who is keeping busy on her farm and practising her Russian for when she will see all of you again! We're thinking of you all and send all our love. Stay safe, stay well and we'll see you when this is over 💗💗💗
  14. Science cannot yet completely assess the consequences of the Chernobyl accident. Only with the passage of time and additional research will we understand the full extent of the impact of the 1986 nuclear disaster on the health of those in the affected regionsCCI has contributed to the growing pool of Chernobyl-related research by funding the work of the late, highly respected independent scientist Professor Vasily Nesterenko, a member of the Academy of Sciences of Belarus and a Director of the Belarusian Institute of Radiation Safety. CCI continues to support new research by supporting Belarusian and Ukrainian scientific researchers who are working on innovative treatments for radiation-related illnesses to find the best ways to help those affected.
  15. Countless lives in the Chernobyl affected regions have been destroyed by ill health. Scientific research shows that the people are faced with soaring levels of infertility and genetic changes, affecting their future. According to the UN, 3.5 million adults are at risk in the Chernobyl regions to the disastrous effects of long term exposure to the radiation. We are only beginning to see some of these effects manifesting themselves in different cancers. The most damaging effects are experienced through the through the food chain and water consumption. It is widely believed that the highest incidence of cancer is expected to happen over the next decade. (photos by Paul Fusco)
  16. Spotted: When our #ONEActivists can’t get together IRL they get digital!
  17. 🚨 Global Action Alert: Today we're calling on G20 leaders to do whatever it takes to defeat #COVID19 and we need your help. Debt relief and emergency finance are some of the fastest ways to make resources available in the most vulnerable countries. Take action NOW and ask your leaders to #CancelTheDebt for the world’s most vulnerable countries. https://www.one.org/international/take-action/oneworld/?utm_source=facebook&source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_term=G20&utm_content=GlobalFacebook&utm_campaign=covid19&fbclid=IwAR1cayrioo0ccB1Eivm-HPiJmhS6oILU3b4cUK7TLNlhRejdNN7o897Sl6A
  18. The Arts in Education Portal is calling for submissions for papers, workshops and presentations for its National Day in Autumn 2020. The event aims to bring together members of the arts in education and creative practise community from all across Ireland, to share, learn, talk, network, get inspired and continue interrogating best practice in the field. http://artsineducation.ie/en/2020/03/31/call-for-papers-presentations-and-workshops-national-arts-in-education-portal-day-2020/?fbclid=IwAR3cYoyByy-llW4wpYGMwHCdnc7rlEEeLuUsfWJitEyqD2buFTGGS6zRICA
  19. A useful lesson in making music online: Ben Rawlins, of TU Dublin Conservatoire, filmed a video explaining how to record and share a practice session and send it on to your tutor. 👌
  20. Tomorrow is National Siblings Day!A day to celebrate the wonderful relationship between siblings. 👏So we are here to make sure you are prepared with Lucinda, Zack and Nikki! 👩‍👧‍👦They are talking all things brothers and sisters with Makaton.There is even a trampoline! 😍
  21. 😄 This film was part of the “etc.” I wrote in my last post. (I wonder how high a percentage you are of all the people in the world who own this film - you might be 10-20% (or more) all by yourself. 😆)
  22. We're excited to let you know that we are launching a brand new online channel next week called Mencap TV! 📺 Mencap TV will provide fun and helpful videos for people with a learning disability to watch and follow along at home.🏠 Keep on eye on our social media channels for more information - it's going to fun! 🎉https://www.facebook.com/Mencap/videos/222458658842850/
  23. I feel like crying (in a good way) at the goodwill of people in the trading card group I'm part of. It's a Facebook group for trading Star Wars cards and today, one relatively new member posted that they had hit a printing plate featuring my favourite character Poe Dameron. She was willing to sell it, but printing plates are one-offs and routinely go for anywhere from US$100-250. I don't have that kind of money. I asked the seller if she would let me pay in installments, she said she would think about it and see what other people were able to offer. One of the group moderators then replied to her original post, explaining that I am the main Poe collector in the group. It felt like he was trying to nudge her into making sure I got it. She has now agreed that I can pay by installments and I've paid the first one tonight. I just feel so happy as I didn't think I was going to be able to have that card. Maybe by the time I've finished paying for it, things might even be a little more back to normal in the world
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