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  3. I have one of the ticket stub books too for my other shows. I’m pretty sure I have every concert ticket stub 🎫 in there I’ve ever been to, except for one R.E.M. show and I’m still hopeful that one day I’ll find it tucked in a book or something.
  4. Omg....i finally got my 2019 cd gift set today! Yay. Renewed / ordered on Nov 27th 2019, so that is pretty much 4 months to the day. Its a Bit budget compared to the from the ground up and u22 cd sets mind
  5. Hello from France :) Hope your are all doing well and safe home. Here is a glimpse of my first U2 show, was 19 and was living near the arena. Funny fact, my parents were at home, at about 3 or 4 km from the venue, and they could hear the whole show ;) Stay safe all :)
  6. Love the scrapbook idea. I have a ticket stub book. Well 2 now since I filled one up. Yep, I totally missed this. Hopefully I'll catch the next one.
  7. Keep checking in on your neighbors, supporting your friends, and honoring those on the frontlines of this fight — we’ll get through this together.
  8. 3M plans to make more than a billion masks by the end of the year to help fight the #Coronavirus pandemic. #COVID19 https://www.bloomberg.com/news/features/2020-03-25/3m-doubled-production-of-n95-face-masks-to-fight-coronavirus?fbclid=IwAR0P9JP9TcNGIUW_2q_wdJSdkeFLxeIjAkwfdWgMMIub3LpuXSTPcXxKZFI
  9. Coronavirus: What the world can learn from Ebola fight 30 March 2020 Share this with Facebook Share this with Messenger Share this with Twitter Share this with Email Share Related Topics Coronavirus pandemic Image copyrightGETTY IMAGES Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, who made history as Africa's first elected female president, led Liberia for 12 years including during the 2014-16 Ebola outbreak that killed nearly 5,000 people in her country. The BBC asked the Nobel Peace Laureate for her reflections on the current coronavirus crisis. Dear fellow citizens of the world, On 19 October 2014, at the height of the deadly Ebola outbreak in West Africa, when 2,000 of my citizens had already perished and infections were growing exponentially, I wrote a letter to the world pleading for the mobilisation of personnel and resources. I demanded a show of global unity to avert what we feared would be a worldwide pandemic. Today, I take this opportunity to raise my voice in a message of solidarity. Getty Images Ebola in West Africa 2014-16 11,325people died in all 4,810people died in Liberia 3,956people died in Sierra Leone 2,544people died in Guinea Source: CDC Almost six years ago, I explained how Liberia's post-conflict economy, and its fragile healthcare system, made it vulnerable to the rapid spread of disease, and I contended that how the world responded to the localised crisis in West Africa, would define our collective healthcare security. I argued that an uncontrolled contagion, no matter where in the world, and no matter how localised, is a threat to all of humanity. The world responded positively. And did so boldly. Image copyrightGETTY IMAGES Image captionPresident Sirleaf, seen here at the White House in 2015, worked with the leaders of neighbouring countries Sierra Leone (L) and Guinea (R) as well as the US to defeat Ebola A mass mobilization of resources led by the UN, the World Health Organization, and the US followed. We defeated it together. As a result, today there are effective experimental vaccines and antivirals thanks to the collaboration of the best scientific minds around the world. In the face of the coronavirus outbreak, I am making a similar plea to my fellow world citizens. I do this with an acute awareness that while African nations have so far been spared the worst, it is only a matter of time until it batters the continent which is the least prepared to fight it. We must act to slow down, break the chain of transmission, and flatten the curve. Image copyrightGETTY IMAGES Image captionThe lessons Liberia learned from the Ebola crisis can be applied to the spread of coronavirus It is clear that lapses were made in the initial response to the virus, from Asia to Europe, to the Americas. Cues were missed. Time was wasted. Information was hidden, minimised, and manipulated. Trust was broken. 'I made the same mistakes' Fear drove people to run, to hide, to hoard to protect their own, when the only solution is, and remains based in the community. I know this. I made all of those missteps in 2014, and so did the world's responders. But we self-corrected, and we did it together. We are at a critical juncture as borders are closing around the world to slow the rate of transmission. Getty Images Let us not take the wrong cue from this. It does not mean that we are on our own, every country for themselves. On the contrary, it is the sign of a communal response, that border closures make a difference. Watching from my home in Monrovia, what most encourages today, is the opening up of expertise and the fact that knowledge, scientific discovery, equipment, medicines and personnel are being shared. It is happening within nations, and increasingly across international borders; an indispensable, albeit delayed reaction, that every person, in every nation, needs to do their part. 'We emerged resilient' This realisation led to our turning point of disease control in West Africa. In Liberia, we emerged resilient from the Ebola epidemic, and stronger as a society, with health protocols in place that are enabling us to manage the Covid-19 disease. I fervently believe this is the path we are all on. AFRICA TRACKER: Data from the continent A SIMPLE GUIDE: What are the symptoms? AVOIDING CONTACT: Should I self-isolate? MAPS AND CHARTS: Visual guide to the outbreak I have full faith in the relentless spirit of the individual, a conviction that leaders emerge in times of crisis at every level of society, and that our religious and communal differences pale in comparison to our collective belief in the power of prayer, and our respective faith in God. As we all hunker down in the next few weeks, I pray for the health and well-being of our global citizens, and I ask that everyone remember that our humanity now relies on the essential truth that a life well-lived is a life in the service to others. You can hear Ellen Johnson Sirleaf read out her letter on Focus on Africa on the BBC World Service on Monday 30 March from 15:00 GMT. Related Topics
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  11. Paper Planes, a fantastic young band from Music Generation Laois, have released their first EP on Spotify. Such a good news story from these brave young musicians! Have a listen to their EP: https://open.spotify.com/album/1uOiQMCHjOsHejmJgUY8aE… Read more about Music Generation Laois School of Rock and Pop: https://www.musicgenerationlaois.ie/program…/school-of-rock/
  12. For general interest for our followers, Barnardos Ireland have opened a telephone and email support line for parents of children and young people in response to challenges they may be facing in the context of Covid-19 and the new measures in place. https://www.barnardos.ie/how-you-can-help/fundraising/covid-19-crisis-appeal-for-children/support-for-parents-during-covid-19-crisis/barnardos-national-parent-support-service?fbclid=IwAR3LYp5JUh6tpN7N9f-4KOwjYydj6Po1SgOoM5n7gG9vfxUiiF3dGbQWmJo
  13. In their recent newsletter, Music Network shared David Taylor's website, a classical musician whose is writing blogs for musicians working from home. "...The good news is that when coronavirus passes, or if you’re reading this after then, all these tips can help with work in the future." 👌https://david-taylor.org/blog/how-to-be-an-online-musician-and-work-from-home?fbclid=IwAR3q0rbvAPXlhL1nZkyq4rbjqV1Rev6g3FWVZlwE-EB6A-nG5bLGFGnjzzs
  14. Hi mich40, I think it is brilliant that you have a scrapbook of concert ticket stubs and set lists, I wish I had thought to do something like that, I need to get more organised. I am disappointed to miss this first virtual concert together, but hopefully will catch the next one. Great idea from Madfl3a. Stay safe.
  15. Yay! It's been a while, yes? Last I remember, you were hoping they'd give you a splint. I got my dog back after needing someone else to watch her due to almost paralyzing headaches. I'm lstening/watching Even Better Than The Real Thing lve. Bono just told Larry to break on though to the other side of the barricage.
  16. Positive ...the forum is fixed...... negative .....I’ve just had to delete about a dozen duplicate posts....sorry if there’s more lurking on here!
  17. I wanna run, or go for a ride But the President says I must stay inside I wanna go out But I can’t go far Where the streets have no cars I don’t wanna feel your hands on my face I see the toilet paper Disappear without a trace I wanna take shelter Shelter in place Where the streets have no cars Where the streets have no cars Where the streets have no cars We're just sitting home streaming Netflix Streaming Netflix And when I go out I’ll get TP for you (It's all I can do) The city's a ghost town, my pantry’s full of dust We're self-quarantined, only go out if you must I'll show you my place If you stay six feet apart Where the streets have no cars Where the streets have no cars Where the streets have no cars We're just sitting home streaming Netflix Streaming Netflix And when I go out I’ll get TP for you (It's all I can do)
  18. Last week
  19. I completed my first full week of physical therapy and starting to notice a difference!!
  20. Yep - that’s what I paid all four times, and my seats were from every possible perspective. That of course is when ticket prices and relative pricing were more sane. (I still am upset at The Eagles and Madonna for allowing their tickets to be sold for much more exorbitant prices in the mid-90s; it affected the whole industry for the worse, and we haven’t recovered. I am hopeful that a very small silver lining in our current predicament is that ticket prices will be moderately, if not substantially, reduced when shows resume again.)
  21. I do. Some pages are prettier than others, but I have a page for every show AND the first movie ticket stub and paper adverts for Rattle and Hum. The Galleria 10 is where I worked. I have no idea how many times I actually watched it while it was there, but it was a lot.
  22. From my handy dandy scrapbook of all my shows....a grand total of $59, and back when all tickets were the same price apparently because we were on the Floor for New Orleans and mid level seats for Atlanta.
  23. These are the smiling faces of the children in Vesnova Children's Institution. Unfortunately some of our medical trips have had to be temporarily postponed, but we send all our love from Ireland and we promise that we will be visiting you all again very soon ♥️♥️♥️
  24. What better way to celebrate your wedding and give back than with some chocolate!!! Our caramel chocolate heart wedding favours are simple, delicious and perfect for putting the finishing touch to your special day. We do not ask for a specific price but rely on your generosity to help thousands of children have lifesaving cardiac surgery through our Cardiac‘Flying Doctors’ programme. All donations received for wedding favours fund our Cardiac programme that has saved and continues to save the lives of thousands of children in the Chernobyl affected regions.
  25. **🤎🐣EASTER RAFFLE🐣🤎** So guys we promised you another Lotto Bonus Ball Raffle and here it is!! As you are aware we have had to cancel many fundraisers due to the Covid 19 pandemic. We are trying to keep some small amounts of funds going into the account in dire times. So we have been donated some fab prizes by AMAZING local businesses to which we owe huge thanks ...some to enjoy while in isolation and some to look forward to when all this passes. Tickets are once again €10 per number choosing from 1 to 47. You can pay by idonate or paypal. Both links below. Or you can Revolut trinagilchriest@hotmail.com https://www.idonate.ie/…/11378214_dublin-chernobyl-internat… or PayPal @dublinccibranch@gmail.com Our prize is worth just over €500 and consists of 1 x Large Choc Hamper containing Butlers, Lir and Lily O Briens Eggs donated by IAA Dublin Airport. 1 x Large Easter Bunny Toy 1 x Selection of Red & White Wine, Prosecco and Biscuits 1 x 2 day Staycation Fennessy's Hotel Clonmel donated by Olga Grudan 1 x €60 Voucher Bon Appetit Malahide 1 x Yoga Next Door Voucher donated by Hot Yoga Dublin 1 x € 50 Voucher donated by Skin Deep Salon Donabate 1 x 30 min Private Golf Lesson with Eoin Arthur's @ Kinsealy Golf Academy 1 x Voucher donated by Red Velvet Hair Salon for Curly Blowdry Please share for us and dont miss your chance to win this fabulous prize. #Easterraffle #ChernobylChildren #charity #fundraiser
  26. Music Generation Kildare gets underway and welcomes the appointment of Music Development Officer, Alan Costello. A wonderful announcement in light of the difficult news environment we're currently experiencing 👏 Kildare and Wicklow Education and Training Board - KWETB Kildare County Council together with Music Generation is delighted to announce the appointment of Irish pianist, lecturer and traditional musician Alan Costello to the role of Music Generation Development Officer for Kildare. https://www.musicgeneration.ie/news/article/music-generation-kildare-gets-underway/
  27. News Sing Ireland - Virtual Choir IRELAND'S CALL - VIRTUAL CHOIR We hope that you are all keeping well and staying safe. As choirs and singing groups all around the country have now suspended rehearsals, we are sure that you are all missing group singing and meeting your friends each week. In the meantime, we would like to invite you to join together in a 'virtual choir' project. The piece we will record is Ireland's Call and Sing Ireland is collaborating with our friends in wind and concert bands all around Ireland to make this recording (www.bandsofireland.com) You are asked to make a video of yourself performing the piece (if you are not comfortable with providing a video just let us know and we will use the audio only). The piece has been arranged for SATB choir and voice parts for the piece may be downloaded by clicking the links below. You will need two devices - one to open the backing track which you will sing along to and one to record your performance. Make sure to have the backing track on headphones so it doesn’t appear on your voice recording. HOW TO RECORD YOUR VOICE VIDEOS SHOULD BE RECORDED IN LANDSCAPE (lengthways) at 30FPS. iPhones are set to this automatically and androids can be changed easily in the camera app. 1. Open or download the vocal score for your own voice part on the first device (tablet or laptop). Print out the music if you like or make it viewable on the device for you to read as you sing along. 2. Locate the backing track for your own voice part. This is the track that you will sing along to. In each backing track, a guide to your own voice part will appear in the right ear with the other guide music in the left ear. 3. Set up the second device (phone or tablet) to record your performance. We suggest singing in a room with no echo - carpets and curtains help dampen down the sound. 4. Using headphones to listen to the backing track on the first device, press play on the backing track and sing along while recording your video on the second device. 5. When you are happy with your recording, locate the recording on the second device and rename it with your own name similar to the following examples: Choir-Tenor-Michael-Murphy or Choir-Soprano-Mary-Murphy. HOW TO SEND YOUR VIDEO TO US 1. Open the website www.wetransfer.com. Click on ‘Add your files’ and select your recording from your device. 2. In the second field enter the email address 2020singireland@gmail.com In the third field enter your own email address and click on ‘Transfer’. You are now done! Please tell your friends and fellow choir members about this fun project and help us to reach our target of one thousand singers (or more)! The deadline for your recordings is 5pm on Monday 30th March 2020. VOCAL SCORES SOPRANO VOCAL SCORE PDF ALTO VOCAL SCORE PDF TENOR VOCAL SCORE PDF BASS VOCAL SCORE PDF BACKING TRACKS SOPRANO BACKING TRACK ALTO BACKING TRACK TENOR BACKING TRACK BASS BACKING TRACK HOW TO RECORD YOUR VIRTUAL CHOIR VIDEO Published 23 March 2020
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