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  3. bitter no U2 fan of nearly 40 years yes. I'm just bored of the band I still have an interest in sounding just like a.n.other band which is what coldplay are and you'll find i'm not alone in thinking that way.
  4. Mental health issues have become one of Chernobyl’s biggest legacies.Many of those who were relocated after the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear accident now suffer from anxiety, depression and disrupted social networks - the traumas of displaced people everywhere.These conditions have health effects as real as those caused by radiation. The stress, depression and fear over the ongoing effects of the fallout have translated to negative conditions especially for children’s health.We remember those who were unable to over their battles with mental health and recommit our efforts to those who need our help
  5. Today marks United Nations World Refugee Day. The 1986 Chernobyl disaster resulted in 400,000 people from the affected regions becoming the first ever environmental refugees...displaced from a land that remains too toxic to safely sustain human inhabitance. 2,000 towns and villages were deserted and bull-dozed into the ground. 7 million people’s lives were changed forever on that fateful day. 5.5 million people across Belarus, Ukraine and Western Russia - including more than a million children - continue to live in highly contaminated zones. https://www.chernobyl-int
  6. CCI Founder and Voluntary CEO, Adi Roche, had the pleasure of visiting Teach Abhaile pre-school and naíonra in Ennis last week. Thanks to The Clare Champion for the great write up, which you can read here: https://clarechampion.ie/adis-heart-gladdened-by.../
  7. All of us at CCI would like to wish the happiest of birthdays to the beautiful Anna Gabriel who never ceases to amaze and inspire us. Have a fantastic day, Anna - you deserve it!
  8. Dublin CCI Onte ás 13:32 · Sending birthday congratulations to all these beautiful faces from all their friends in Dublin CCI and across Ireland. We have NINETEEN June birthdays...what a busy month!! Sending best wishes, much love and hugs. You are in our hearts . We miss you all. Happy Birthday Kolya, Luda, Ilya, Kolya, Dina, Misha, Anya, Alina, Zhenia, Maryna, Sveta, Sasha, Roma, Pasha, Raisa, Natasha, Maxim, Yana & Max.
  9. "I feel like a huge part of music is people" Isobel from Roscommon tells us why Music Generation is important to her, and what she learned on a recent songwriting camp https://fb.watch/6kG1Z99Bg4/
  10. Who's hitting the cinema this weekend? Because we certainly are! To mark the cinema release of 'Phil Lynott: Songs For While I'm Away', Break Out Pictures and Music Generation are delighted to partner by bringing online tutorials on how to play 'Dancing in the Moonlight' to children and young people all over Ireland. This collaboration presents a special performance of Thin Lizzy's 'Dancing in the Moonlight' alongside six tutorials covering different musical arrangements of the Phil Lynott Classic. The series of tutorials has been produced and delivered by Music Generation’s
  11. The best day of the year is here! We'd like to give a big shoutout today to all who are celebrating Cruinniú na nÓg, Ireland’s national day of free creativity for children and young people! As you'll see, Music Generation partnerships across Ireland are out in force again this year to bring children and young people a mix of music, music-making, and creative fun throughout the day! From Music Generation Carlow's online premier of 'Tyndall's Spark' by Dr. Martin Tourish to Music Generation Laois' Outdoor Bodhrán Circle; and from celebrating the youngest of music-marke
  12. The #jobfairy has landed into Music Generation Clare! Limerick & Clare Education & Training Board is now inviting applications for the five year, fixed-term position of Music Generation Development Officer (County Clare) A Music Generation Development Officer will be appointed by Limerick and Clare Education and Training Board and will be responsible for managing a programme of performance music education on behalf of County Clare Local Music Education Partnership. Closing date: Friday, 09 July 2021 (12 noon) For more information, along with details
  13. Check out these Rockstars ... JUST SOME of the young musicians who played on through the pandemic with Music Generation A huge thank you to the team at RTÉ2 News2Day for having us on their show yesterday! However, a special thanks must go to the children and young people who rose to the challenges of the past year in so many ways. In moving their musical talents online they showed such great creativity, resilience and determination - Take a bow! You can catch-up on yesterday's show via the RTÉ Player now https://www.rte.ie/player/series/news2day/SI0000001210... #MusicGenerat
  14. We are counting down to this event!!If you haven't already heard, Music Generation Cork City, The Kabin Studio Cork, Graffiti Theatre Company, and Cork Midsummer Festival present the virtual premier of Throwing Shapes this Friday, 25 June 2021 at 6pm as part of this year's festival.Best described as a music film, Throwing Shapes is the culmination of two years of writing, performing, and development with a core group of eight young artists attending The Kabin Studio Cork - a Cork Education and Training Board facility in Knocknaheeny run in partnership with GMCBeats, and Music Generation Cork C
  15. Our digital assistant and resident film expert Amy went to a screening of the award-winning The Reason I Jump last week thanks to Picturehouse. Here's Amy's thoughts on what she saw :"The Reason I Jump is a film documentary, this features people with autism from all over the world, from India, to the USA to the UK, and how they manage with this every day along with their parents and other people in their lives. "It’s inspired by the book “The Reason I Jump: One Boy's Voice from the Silence of Autism” by Naoki Higashida, and the author has autism. This proves what I believe - people with any di
  16. Recently, our ambassador, U2's The Edge, joined his cousin and fellow mencap ambassador Ciara Lawrence in a recent episode of her podcast. They discussed what it was like for each of them growing up with someone with a learning disability in the family. Listen in to hear about Ciara and The Edge’s relationship: https://anchor.fm/ciara-lawrence7 As well as their joint passion for creating a better world for people with a learning disability, their love of travel and some great stories about the early days of touring with U2! #U2 #Music #LearningDisability
  17. Say hello to Daniel, who we support. After wowing us with a home-made bug house last week, he's back with another example of his passion for nature and art! This time Daniel has decorated this plant pot brilliantly, ready to plant some flowers. He chose some purple African daisies to go in it, which look great! We absolutely love the combination of colours. Well done, Daniel!
  18. June is #PRIDE Month! Celebrate in style with our limited-edition #REDOriginals collection: bit.ly/REDOriginalsPride
  19. upport the fight against COVID and join (RED)’s ALL-STAR KITCHEN cook-along series with Al Roker & Tyler Florence along with mixologist Charlotte Voisey, hosted by Billy Harris. Click here for recipe & instructions http://www.billyharris.com/red-al-roker-and-tyler-florence Generously supported by Merck & Co., Inc., Kenilworth, NJ, USA. Donate here: https://donate.tiltify.com/@red.../summer-rediscovered-2021 More SUMMER REDISCOVE(RED): https://red.org/summer https://fb.watch/6kFomnpNfT/
  20. ICYMI: When you purchase any TheraOne (RED) product, your purchase helps support the fight against global health emergencies like COVID & AIDS. Shop here: theragun.com/us/en-us/red/ #REDxTherabody Therabody
  21. Shop our limited-edition #PRIDE #REDOriginals collection here: bit.ly/REDOriginalsPride
  22. Today at 5:30pm CET / 4:30pm BST join some of our #ONEActivists from ONE Fr and ONE Africa - Kenya at the Feminists Around The World talk on the global learning crisis in the light of gender-based violence. The talk will include information about the interdependence between girls' education and sexual and gender-based violence, in particular, the causes and consequences of girls being out of school. Register for the talk here: https://stoptalkingstartfunding.typeform.com/to/OHxjQoPj #StopTalkingStartFunding
  23. Last week we met Mamadou Diakhaté, a teacher in Senegal whose efforts to clean up classrooms during #COVID19 lockdowns grew into a kickstarter initiative to improve classrooms around the country, with support pouring in from Senegal and around the world. As the next in our #LearningInLockdown series, find out more about Mamadou’s full story, and sign our petition to help ensure every child, regardless of where they live, receives a quality education. #LearningforAll https://go.one.org/3g78h3v https://fb.watch/6kETG7swCe/
  24. Being a #ONEActivist comes with a lot of opportunities to get involved in advocacy. But for former activist Vanessa Hirneis, it did so much more than that. "It helped me find my calling and it helped me identify myself as an activist," Vanessa said. Vanessa is sharing how being a Youth Ambassador in Germany helped shape her personal and professional future. Here's what she said. https://go.one.org/2Uwya4t
  25. Very surprised the band haven't marked this on social media as it's the tenth anniversary to the day. Well I was there with quite a few old skool zootops. Was at the pyramid from 6 a.m and never moved,well worth it.
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