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What time do U2 actually come onto stage - any ideas?


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Sheffield times are as follows:


Doors - 5pm

The Hours - 6-6.30pm

Elbow - 18.45 - 19.30

U2 - 20.15

Curfew - 22.30


Might be similar for Cardiff. Check the stadium site maybe.


Have a fab time!

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karenvenn wrote:

I have a mega problem with trains in cardiff on 22nd last one is 11.20 and I don't want to miss encore, any ideas what time the band will start and concert finish?

From the Ticketmaster website for Cardiff.


"Doors 17:00

Support (TBC) 18:00-18:30

Glasvegas 19:00-20:00

U2 20:30-22:30


All times subject to change."


At Wembley last night they cam on at 8.20pm and finished at 10.30pm.




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