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upper tier view


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achtungbabyxx wrote:

hi all,


for anyone who's been in the upper tier for any of the concerts so far, how's the view? were the screens helpful? i'm in section 329 for the nj show.


I have yet to see the 360 tour, yet saw Popmart in Giants Stadium and sat upper tier directly across the stage....


Thought it was good/average seats as that tour had the big screen...From that point of view I feel you get a good "macro" point of view of theshow....The sound was good at my seats too as they were using a Mono sound system and seemed to work nicely for me...It was one of my all time fav U2shows....Thought it was a bigger "rocker" then Zoo TV at Yankee Stadium....


It seems like with the screen in 360 and other lighting effects fans close miss that, yet they do have "better seats" or standing GA as they are muchcloser to the action.


If you can, try and see U2 shows from different points of view and you'll see that the show does kinda change...I was lucky enough to do that on Vertigoand felt that every night brought something new....


Enjoy, those NYC/NJ shows are gonna be great....



****Check flickr or other photo sharing sites...search by typing in U2 360 tour....some great pics from all over the stadium (close and faraway).....


Giants Stadium is a good venue for a football game and I enjoyed myself at Popmart there...I have heard the parking lot is a mess with the building of the newStadium and the entire complex they have going up....Check with the stadium for times they are opening the gates, I heard its late, yet check foryourself...Enjoy....

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hey..thanks for this post.. i am going to see them in Toronto and am also on the upper tier.. i think 320 something as well.. im relieved i am going to beseeing them the next night also and have GA for that night.. i want my wife to enjoy it as its her first show.. and was concerned she wouldnt appreciate beenso far away.. sounds from this post as its going to be a good show anyways... i like the Macro idea..lol.. if anyone has any experience from the uppewr tierhere.. please post..

Love and light


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