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Songs of Ascent


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Its very nice to read on the band's plans. Future, ascention, yes, now thats "Bono" the Prince and U2. Thats them. Now towards the future. Just like when I was 7 years old. Everything coming in the future, I could see then. So, thats all I spoke about when I was small, my spouse in the future, the baby that wouldn't make it, place where my mother lived here in America, everything just like it is today. Ascention, a very special word for me because it has to do with Bono's personal journey and goals we must all have that is not connected to downhere. These are thoughts of foward times, future times.


I love Bono. But, the Prince is better for me to call him. Bono is famous and people hold him back with his name, but the Prince, Mr. Paul David Hewsen, can break down the wall, and come to see Realm. After all he is free in the terms of soul, not physically but spiritually, he doesn't have to live according to the world's rules. He can decide to meet me in NY, at the Hard Rock Cafe, I'll meet him and Edge and the Adam and Larry if they so desire to go on a 360 for Realm. I shall bring my Princess Delilah, my daughter. She must meet the man that are the "lights" of this century, though she is so young, only 19 now, she needs to see that good, worthy man of praise, who exalt God are still around and doing very well.  The Hard Rock Cafe is as far as I can go, if I go further in Manhattan, I'll get lost, unless my Lili comes with me.


I am so hopeful to meet 'Bono". It should not be hard for me to say his name because Realm loves the Prince, but Bono, he's tied up with fame, and famous people deny themselves the right to be free for vanity. So, I rather get my Prince, the private one, the real one, not for the public. For the public is only when he plays in concerts. This is the only way to get the only man that Realm dreams of and see him once and for all in person. To enjoy his energy from close, to see his eyes, his skin color, the hairs, the frekkles, the lips, the dimple, the bunny teeth, the whole Prince. What a happy feeling that gives me. To meet a man that holds the most adored essence. Everything of him is of the "Ascending" type. One can only go higher with Bono and U2. Realm, Prince, Future, Future Prince Realm. Thats it, "Bono". Thats the conclusion I get. I can't separate Me now, present, Prince thats you Bono, and future, thats you too meeting me, Realm. So, when can I meet you Prince. Give me date, time and place. Don't worry about the rest, I'll find a way to get there. Realm needs to meet her Prince soon. Its evil not to meet him. Worldly vanities, things, these are the no value things that are keeping my Prince out of reach, its not right, Bono can see that I am right, no fame, wealth or power is more important than Realm,

my value is not of this physical realm, but of the spiritual realm which causes ascention of the souls and I want to meet the man that is able to connect with me in this level, the best level to be in, in short words Prince, between Here, the physical and "There" the other dimention where energies can intermingle. Like my mother visiting me to tell me I'll be sued, the name of the "Other" woman. The multiplication of one's material wealth as the door to fortune. Thats just one part, than there is the future visions of things to come, the lips and the words out of it which easily materiliaze, clearly see the past of one's lives here and now, and this brings Realm to find her century old Prince Bono wearing todays clothing, very seductive, and not too skinny, but perfectly sized but wearing, clothes like "Napoleon" in his days only in Navy blue not red on the frame picture on the castle stairways Prince Bono. By the way, where is the castle you purchased Prince Bono. How is it inside. Is it big, spacious, does it have a porck with huge rails,not long but medioum size, and a garden, does it have a huge garden to plant exotic flowers of all kinds. Huge flat green grass with a nearby forest and a running river.  Is this the castle you purchased Prince. Have you been inside already. Does it feel cozy to you. Do you feel at home Bono. Bono, I like the name Prince. No wonder you are so famous. Its a ONE name. Nothing that Realm possess is of more value than the Prince. He is everything that is good. A lion in the midst, the Sun Prince. Death surely cannot keep my loved one away from me. Realm finds a way and for the Prince, Realm makes a way.


Happpy Friday to you Bono.

One Life, One Love, One Prince.



"Ascent" means all not just U2, U2 touches all, takes all, masses to ascention. Thats what that means. We  must move foward in awareness, spiritual growth, thats Ascent. Like is boring without doing something everyday to Ascend in spiritual value. Its not just here in this physical existence that that is important, is where we are going also that is important towards the future. I get wordy, but thats what I mean, humanity to ascend to a higher level of conciousness, a collective energy growth of awareness.

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I would love to see a new album this year. But there is no indication that one will materialize before they go back on tour. Bono & the Edge seem more involved with the Spiderman project & soon they'll all start rehearsing together before the start of the tour. I just hope they change the setlist.

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I want the U2 on steroids that Bono promised before NLOTH was released.


I want them to trash the soppy, uninspiring, flowery stuff and put some big blasts of techno and metal on the next album.


Hit the gym fellas - get the testosterone flowing - come out swinging and break some balls!!



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