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Boo to Rescheduled Show in NYC!(Merged)


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I can't believe this NY show is being rescheduled to Wednesday! I made a bunch of arrangments for that Friday show considering that it's on theweekend. I am traveling from Boston to New York and made hotel arrangements and all just to have a great U2 weekend.

Now what?! Go to the Wednesday show? Take an extra two days off from work? Add another two days at a hotel for $400? Cancel everything and get stuck payingfor nothing? Live Nation should have done a better job telling the Jets that they should find some other time to schedule the Yom Kippur game. I'mJewish, so no disrepect, but I'm sure most observing Jews could have made a Monday Night game since only the first night is of extreme importance.

Anyone else sore about this?mad.gif

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