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There is only one thing that will matter to the people involved with this utterly ridiculous decision to move the Sept. 25th show to the 23rd.


EVERYONE who has tickets DEMAND a refund. Hit everyone in the pocketbook. Giants Stadium, Ticketmaster and yes, even the band. This decision is a disgrace. To inconvenience everyone because of the religious beliefs of a small percentage of the population is absurd. First off, I do not believe that three hoursreally makes a difference. But be that as it may, to change this show from a Friday night to a Wednesday is absurd.


I respect people's religious beliefs. However, in the end, they are your beliefs, not mine. If you cannot go to the Jets game because of your religiousbeliefs.... then that is YOUR issue, not everyone else's.


Let Ticketmaster get hit with 50,000 refunds and see if they like it.

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