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Giants Stadium Show Reschedule from Friday 25th September Ticket Exchange/Sell/Requests

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Living in Sydney, Australia, I had always dreamed about flying off to New York, Rome, London ... for the weekend just to see the boys play.


And I was there - First Class flight from SYDNEY to NYC on frequent flyer points, 2 x RED ZONE tickets and a few days on the island. My 20 year fantasy cametogether in about 10 min 4 months ago and it fell apart just as quickly last Friday.


I land at JFK on Wednesday afternoon - too tight to make the concert so here I am with all the others hoping for a miracle.


If anyone has 2 x Red Zone Tickets for the Thursday gig and wants to swap them for the (now) Wednesday gig - please email me at johng@airloom.com.




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sdvsdv wrote:

i am ONLY interested in
field GA
tix for giants stadium or rosebowl, so stop reading if u don't have GA tix


i currently have 1 physical GA ticket for dallas,

1 physical GA ticket for d.c.,

1 physical GA ticket for charlottesville,

& 1 physical GA ticket for vegas.


i would like to trade any of those for any
giants stadium GA ticket
, or for a
rosebowl GA ticket

i'm not interested in multiple tix to the same show, just single GA tix for each show.


(i can give advice on travelling to any of these shows cheaply without a car, as i have researched it & was prepared to do it myself, but now am too busy on all of those dates.)


i especially would like to unload the dallas ticket

or to unload
both the d.c. ticket & the charlottesville ticket together
(so i wouldn't have to make that trip at all)


i don't know how to trade tix except to swap my physical tix for your physical tix in person. i live in nyc but i get around the east coast & S.F. bay area & can probably meet you somewhere convenient for you. also, i will be at both boston shows & then both giants stadium shows (despite not having a ticket), so of course i can meet you there before doors open.


i have a general question for all u guys: do ppl have other kinds of tix (print-at-home, etc), & is there some easy secure way to swap those other types of tickets? this all seems like a headache, but i hope we can work it out, cuz i really cant go to any of those 4 shows i have GA tix for


(i will give my phone # to anyone serious about a swap)

I think it is fairly safe to swap for ticketfast tickets from other U2.com members. I've done it and not had a problem.

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We have two GA tickets in hand for Wednesday evening. We are looking to either swap for two GA tickets for Thursday or an upgraded reserved seat for Wednesdayevening. Any help would be much appreciated!


It's our third year anniversary and we have been waiting our whole lives to see U2. Our plane doesn't get in until the afternoon and we were wantingso very badly to be as close to the stage as possible. We don't know it that will happen if we get to the show @ 3:00pm!


email me @ juddthh @ gmail.com


Yours in the Zoo!

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What would be very much appreciated by the out of town fans that have been forced to scramble and find new tickets just to attend a show is the QUICK releaseof any 9/24 tickets from promoters, the band, etc. That way we can buy them and still return the rescheduled tickets to TM for refund if we can't findother fans to buy them in time.


Better yet, set up a last minute u2.com presale for tickets that have been held back thus far and can be released.


What are the chances of the band having any ability to make something like this happen?


BTW, I have two tickets in Section 105 Row 39 at Giants stadium for the rescheduled show on 9/23, looking to trade for comparable 9/24. Will be looking to sellif I can find 9/24 to buy. Please PM if interested.

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Ok......I still haven't found what I'm looking for.


Does anyone have any other ideas as to how I can get 4 tickets to the show on the 24th. I'm one of the unlucky ones that can't go to the Wednesdayshow, so want to swap for Thursday.


Are there any other sites out there to swap tickets, where I don't have to pay an arm or leg. I'm welcoming any ideas.

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