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Bono V's Obi Wan Kenobi


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Unknown to many, Bono's red shades, drawing power from

The Claw, are capable of producing a concentrated laser

beam -- not unlike Cyclops' of X-Men fame wink.gif -- which can

cut through Obi-Wan's light saber eek.gif But peace will prevail,

as Bono moves towards Obi-Wan with arms out to give him

a hug, and an abashed Ben Kenobi powers down his light

saber, just not used to surrendering his reverend self to such

open affection embarassed.gif



Yoda, however, is harder to disarm frown.gif Facing off with Bono,

Yoda suddenly leaps over him in a flying somersault-cartwheel,

landing in Larry's lap where he immediately pirates his sticks

and begins an all-out attack on his skins smile.gif Larry is at first

surprised, and then perturbed by this jedi assault on his drum

set, but he forbears it since it is, after all, Yoda ohwell.gif

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joshthetree wrote:

Who would win in a duel Bono in his laser jacket or Obi Wan Kenobi with his light sabre?




Young Obi Wan or Old Obi Wan. Young Bono or "less younger" Bono?! lol...no...Bono would win, because his laser jacket is more powerful and he hasswinging super hero powers and is able to leap up when he gets into tricky situations. The rodies will help(serve)him, they will be faithful and protect Bono!

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mikespall wrote:

Obi Wan would win because a lightsaber is a nasty weapon and Bono's suit is just lights! ;-)


But it would never happen anyway, as Jedi don't fight each other! :-)

But is Bono a Jedi Knight? If he's not, they'd fight, wouldn't they?

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