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Health Effects from BlackBerrys - Bad Choice for U2 Sponsor


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How Can U2 have BlackBerry as a Sponsor? Read the BioInitiative Report at www.bioinitiative.org and find out how BlackBerry and other PDAs (cell phonesincluded) are linked to brain tumors, infertility and miscarriage.

This is crazy for a group like U2 that saves lives worldwide to be promoted by a company that sells a toxic product.

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And typing on the keyboard and using mouse is bad for ya' hands (unless you're using some of the uber-perfect mice and keyboards). U2 should'vethought about this issue way before putting U2.com online and making us spend so much time on this site typing all the comments.


But who cares? Not the soleless* U2 anyway










* if we assume that taking a picture does, indeed, steal a part of your soul, then considering the amount of pictures we've taken of them, they have nosoul left. You, sir, have killed U2!

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