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Tade 2 x RED ZONE tickets Wed 9/23 for Thur 9/24


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Living in Sydney, Australia, I had always dreamed about flying off to New York, Rome, London ... for the weekend just to see the boys play.


And I was there - First Class flight from SYDNEY to NYC on frequent flyer points, 2 x RED ZONE tickets and a few days on the island. My 20 year fantasy cametogether in about 10 min 4 months ago and it fell apart just as quickly last Friday.


I land at JFK on Wednesday afternoon - too tight to make the concert so here I am with all the others hoping for a miracle.


If anyone has 2 x Red Zone Tickets for the Thursday gig and wants to swap them for the (now) Wednesday gig - please email me at johng@airloom.com.




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