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Favorite vacation spot!!!


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I was wondering what was your favorite vacation/holiday destination you've been to? I'm asking because I'm in a reflective mood & curiousabout other U2 fans.


As for my favorite destination, I'm torn between 2 places which are located on

the Oregon Coast

Links :




(Newport Beach, Oregon)


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Ragoo wrote:

Berlin. So much to do and see. Have been there 3 times already and will be going back soon again.

i agree


went to see england v germany last november and it was an amazing place


20th anniversary this year (nov 9th - i think) of the wall coming down so will be some serious parties going on around that time


i can't wait to go again (and to be able to afford it now the euro's so strong against the pound!)

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I can get lost in those towns. Sligo has amazing landscape views, Cobh has a hotel on the hill with a goregous view of the harbour and St Colman'sCathedral.


Also getting lost in the Mississippi Delta, home of the blues as well.

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