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I remember when The Edge did the performance for "Numb" on the MTV video awards. I also remember it was the day after I had all four of my wisdomteeth being pulled

The hilarious part of the situation was when The Edge was rapping away on tv and here was I thinking "No Kidding" because I was on post-op. painmeds LOL.

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kris smith87 wrote:

Kristaps wrote:

It's "Numb".


Have you seen this?




This is the song you're talking about, but this isn't the video. I'll post the link to the video:



I know it wasn't the video... but I just love the performance....it's so... weird. Eszpecially if you know what you've read about itin "Until the End of the World" where, I think, he had to memorize lyrics for the song within a few days, maybe even a day or two.

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