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Friendlies........The Next Generation

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sea islander wrote:

bonosbaby25 wrote:

I'm sure friendlies can be drawn to the dark side, Sea islander.. lol I've seen it happen before.. and it's really not a pretty sight...

I mean don't
, tell...





*unable to accept the naked truth...um, bonosbaby25

doesn't mean... Friendlies have gotten naked

no, that would be too Friendly
...sea islander flees

from hearing the worst -- at least until tomorrow





You really don't wanna know... lol

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Evening all my little Fiendly friends


Hope all are well and groovy..............get better soon Marie.......sending big hugs to you honey.


I just wanna say thanks to Marie and Suzie for letting me bend their ears over the last few days and for listening to me, and for all their help. It is greatlyappreciated and I love you loads. You are fabulous people. You've helped me think clearly and put my disorganised thoughts into a logical order. Will letyou know how things go..........


Barry, sorry you've had a bad day but there's always tomorrow. You know my email so feel free. Always got time for you mate.


Dawnie, hope everything's ok with you and yours. I'm hear for you


And hello to Sea Islander.........you sound like my type of person......insaneroll.gif


Loads of love to eveyone.........will talk soonsmokin.gif

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Evening everybody....


Its been another fab day here.


Liz ,,,,you were very welcome love.....glad to have been of assistance.


Thought for the day


You should let sleeping dogs lie cos they might just end up biting back one day. grin.gif

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Hi .I am new here and have been looking around for a few days .wondering where to put my first post .saw this it said friendlies so thought it must be theplace where new people post first?..Only saw U2 once so far was at Wembley with my b/friend really wish I had got to more shows !.

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