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[quote name='liz wrote:

basher1']i'm saying fuck all.........


Fair enough Basher, fair enough mate.......how are you all doing there in Edinbugga then?



got shitloads on at the moment Liz so not had much time so don't think im neglecting you all.

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[quote name=indifferent.gifbasher1]Morning all.


Liz i got yer email addy will throw an email your way soon.


have a good one everybody. x


Now that my emoticon choices will only post on the first

line of my message box...and my signature won't post

anymore (frown)...I'm tempted to go with



"and a fucked up world it is too"




lol...how did you get your signature to post?

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[quote name='roll.gifroll.gifliz wrote:

bonome']Liz? Is that you? Only one post? .... Is that what had to happen in order to sort out your profile problem? questions, questions, lol ...

Yup, it's me Val, Liverpool Liz who now has the profile of Liz from California. Posted down in the techie thread again.........for the love of God this is driving me fucking  mental (and no comments there please Basher)


Liverpool Liz mad.gifsmokin.gif



Liz you've changed have yer gone like tom hanks did in big???roll.gif

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