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[quote name='gibbo1968 wrote:


liz wrote:

bonome']Liz? Is that you? Only one post? .... Is that what had to happen in order to sort out your profile problem? questions, questions, lol ...

Yup, it's me Val, Liverpool Liz who now has the profile of Liz from California. Posted down in the techie thread again.........for the love of God this is driving me fucking  mental (and no comments there please Basher)


Liverpool Liz



Liz you've changed have yer gone like tom hanks did in big???roll.gif

It's the Gremlins mate............been throwing Fuck Up glitter around again roll.gif


Liverpool Lizsmokin.gif

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I know...........I had plans and have done a few messages and done what I had to do, so it's fine. I'm just happy when there's only me in the house, no tv, no radio, no noisy kids. Nobody shouting "is there anything to eat/where's that thingie gone/have you seen where I left my keys" blah blah blah


 Nice and peaceful. Still my son will be home in a minute for food then my peace will be shattered lol


Liverpool Lizsmokin.gif

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