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Friendlies........The Next Generation


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lol..... cool Dawn, guess he was too slow there & missed his chance to wrap you in arms n legs for the bug hug!!! ;)


Bash ... just read your response in Wendy's thread .... rather than highjack it, will reply here ...... lol ..... glad no passport is required, and as forthe innoculations ..... hope it's only going to be a little prick!!! hahahaha...:P

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suziem wrote:

BUG HUGS all round. That's actually what I meant in the first place (cough).


Time for another beer to celebrate me being up to date with Windows Updates for first time in months.....tis always stressful!

Congrats Suzie on being up to date and having no more of the stress!! lol ..... a thoroughly modern miss ehsmile.gif

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Thanks for the congrats all! I've been putting it off for ages cos it usually b*ggers up my PC....but touch wood, all is OK....at the mo!


Yep, Corona Dawn! 2nd one ahoy. I can't say that these are my first since Dubs....that Marie was here for a week and turned me into an alky! (JOKE Marie!)

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