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Good morning, Friendlies....stopping by quickly...trying to be productive here at work..but wanted to do a quick hello!!!


I haven't posted in the Friendlies in a while, hope that doesn't make me "un"friendly!!!


Good morning...((((Dawn)))) Haven't given u one of those in a while! I wish we could have visited more in Dublin...did you know that I never knew you were in our apartment building until the day before I left!!!!??

Hiya Tracy... good to see you in the friendlies :) I know you're not "unfriendly" Thanks for the hugs, love.. it was a shame we never got to talk much in Dublin.. I wasn't actually in your building.. I was next door.. lol


Your pics from New York are fantastic.. especially your Adam pic.. you lucky devil :) I'm sure you will have a fantastic time when the boys come to your neighbourhood.. :) I'm so envious right now.. I'm getting a bit U2'd out.. I think it's cos I'm not there with you lot x


I look forward to seeing the next lot of pics :) and hearing all about your gigs.. I'm so pleased you are getting to live your U2 dream.. you really do deserve it :)

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Morning all.....


Okay, I was steam cleaning my carpets late afternoon after work (getting the house ready for the zootops coming), and some of the chemicals spilt over on to my kitchen floor...well, I didn't know this and I went to walk from the carpeted area to the kitchen floor and my feet literally went straight up in the air and I landed on my backside...OUCH is all I can say. I really don't think anything is broken, just badly bruised...I can barely walk, bend, or lift my legs right now. Okay, now I want ya'll to guess, what do you think the first thing that went through my head when I landed on the floor?????????????????


"I won't be able to run in the GA line to get to the stage!!!!!" Hubby says he will push me in the wheelchair to the stage - LOL!!! I am going to drug myself up so good...I will figure out a way to run!!!


Dawn, thank you...my U2 Journey has been a dream....meeting all of you has been the best part too!!!

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Good afternoon to all other friendlies .... hope all is going ok with you where ever you are & what ever you're up too. :)


Tracy .... you take care mind, a fall like that can cause problems, take it easy and allow yourself time to recover. LOL... at the thoughts that went through your head - guessing we'd all have thought the same thing!!

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